Written In The Stars: Halloween Costumes Based On Your Sign

Since Halloween is coming up this week and the spooky season is finally in full swing, we know some of you may need some last-minute costume ideas. So for this week’s blog post,  we compiled a list of costumes according to your zodiac sign. Before we begin, here is some appreciation for the inventors of spooky season, Scorpios! It is no secret Scorpios have a stereotype for being vengeful, sex-crazed and possessive. Being one of the most intense signs of the zodiac can give you a bad rep, but no one talks about a Scorpio’s loyalty, devotion, and bravery. Once a Scorpio lets you into their inner circle, you have their loyalty for life. 

Represented by the Phoenix, Scorpios have this wonderful ability to transform, to die, and from their own ashes, be reborn. They do this often by reinventing themselves and consistently working on being the best version of themselves they can be. 

Some advice for Scorpios this season: pat yourself on the back! You can often focus so much on what you need to improve that you do not applaud yourself for what you accomplished. Focus on a little more self-appreciation and give yourself credit. You deserve it. 

For the rest of the zodiac signs: Scorpio season can be tough. We can’t all embrace our dark sides the way Scorpios can, but this season try to take on the challenge. Face all the icky feelings and habits you tend to shove under the surface. Accept that parts of yourself you aren’t so proud of and make positive efforts to change for the better, and always be kind to yourself. Now, let’s get into the costumes.


  1. 1. Aries: Wonder Woman 

    You are confident, motivated, and make for great leaders. You dive straight into tough challenges and get through it every time. It only makes sense that you should be Wonder Woman this Halloween. You can do it all!

  2. 2. Taurus: Tinkerbell

    With a magnetic personality, this makes Tinkerbell the perfect fit for you this Halloween season. Yes, she’s stubborn just like you, but that’s only because you stand by what you believe in. Go all out this year and make it a magical one.

  3. 3. Gemini: Elle Woods

    Just like Elle, you are impulsive and outgoing, making her the perfect costume. Make professional a statement with Elle’s iconic pink dress and adorable pup as an accessory, or go for the memorable pink graduation cap. Either way, you’re sure to make a statement!

  4. 4. Cancer: Ariana Grande

    The emotional depth of Grande’s songs this year makes her an undeniable choice. Your loyalty and self-protectiveness match those of the sensational singer. Take on the singer’s iconic pony and be a showstopper this Halloween.

  5. 5. Leo: Mariah Carey

    Let out your inner diva for Halloween and become the iconic Mariah Carey. Just like her, you are confident and unafraid to admit it, so find the most extra Carey outfit and dominate this spooky season.

  6. 6. Virgo: Zendaya

    With a hardworking spirit, take a night off this Halloween and embrace your inner Zendaya. Just like her, you are modest and helpful always looking to support your friends. Look to slay this year and make your Halloween costume an unforgettable one.

  7. 7. Libra: Carrie Bradshaw

    Carrie Bradshaw is the exact embodiment of a Libra, which is why she would make the perfect costume this Halloween. Just like you, she seeks love but is comfortable just being with her friends. Get flirty this year with a cute tulle skirt and let your impulsiveness run free.

  8. 8. Scorpio: Daria Morgendorffer

    With Daria’s cynicism, dry humor and mysterious demeanor, she makes the perfect fit for you. She’s definitely a character you can identify with and the combat boots are a Scorpio fashion staple.

  9. 9. Sagittarius: Lara Croft

    The free spirit in you makes Lara Croft the perfect match this Halloween. As an avid lover for travel and spontaneity, both you and Croft seek to explore the unknown. Pull your hair back and embrace your adventurous side this Halloween.

  10. 10. Capricorn: Debbie from Wild Thornberry’s

    Keeping it cool and unbothered, Debbie is the perfect fit for you Capricorns. Much like you, Debbie is practical, persistent and ambitious. This spooky season, find your grungiest flannel and take on the safari look, but make it edgy.

  11. 11. Aquarius: Lady Gaga circa 2010

    Staying true to yourself and being undeniable yourself makes Lady Gaga (2010) your ideal costume. With a passion for wowing the audience, both you and Gaga don't care what others think, thus creating a magnetic energy that people love. Play up your quirks and make this Halloween an unforgettable one.

  12. 12. Pisces: Luna Lovegood

    With a dreamy and creative spirit, Luna makes the perfect costume for you. For someone who lives in their head, Halloween is the perfect opportunity for you to bring your imagination to life, so let out your inner strange this Halloween and embrace your witchy side!

Finding a costume doesn’t have to be scary this year! Embrace your sign this Halloween with an unforgettable costume.