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World Traveled: Traveling Abroad Twice

It’s inevitable that one of the most exciting parts about college is studying abroad. For Amanda Tempesta, a senior here at Hofstra, she found the opportunity to travel abroad so enticing that she did it twice. I caught up with Amanda to discuss her time abroad, and how she made it possible to go more than once.

Where and when did you study abroad?

I traveled to Italy for the Hofstra SCO program for a month in summer of 2014. I then traveled to England for an internship during the Fall semester of 2014.

What inspired you to go abroad a second time?

My goal for college was to make sure I studied abroad, but a month just wasn’t long enough for me. Culturally, England was different and I wanted to experience it for a longer period of time.

How difficult was it to fit in studying abroad twice with your coursework? Are you still on track to graduate in four years?

I am on track to graduate! My programs were major specific, which was why I chose them.

Have you traveled extensively outside of your program? Did you take any weekend trips?

Yes! In Italy we took weekend trips to Sorrento and the Amafi Coast, Venice, and Florence. When I was in London, we explored other parts of England such as Cambridge and Oxford. We also spent weekends in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Belgium, and Poland.



How difficult was it to find an internship overseas?

Through my program it was very easy. My program, API (Academic Programs Internationally) placed me in my internship.

How far in advance did you plan your internship abroad?

I started applying in May, interviewed throughout the summer, and didn’t know where I would be interning until August.

What has been the most helpful resource for you?

The API program advisors.

What was your favorite part of your experience overseas?

Making friends with the locals. I still keep in contact with them via Facebook!

What would change about your experience?

I wish that I had taken more trips in London. School obviously is important, but I probably could’ve crammed in one more weekend trip!

What advice would you give to those looking to study abroad?

Just do it. Plan your trip(s) in advance and research what to do while you’re away. YouTube videos taught me where to go to avoid tourist areas. I hung out where the locals did and I believe that it made my trip much, much better. Also, make a bucket list and strive to accomplish the whole thing while you’re away!

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