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World Traveled: 9 Things to Know Before Dating a Girl That Loves to Travel

Dating a girl that loves to travel may be a daunting experience at first glance. A world-citizen that’s constantly jet-setting across the world may seem overwhelming. However, you will soon find out that dating a girl that loves to travel just may be the best experience in the world (no matter where in the world she may be).

She’s independent

If you want a girl to be dependent of you, you’re looking in the wrong place. Dating a girl that loves to travel means that she’s accustomed to being on her own. Regardless of whether she’s actually traveling on her own or not, independence plays a large role in constantly moving from place to place. It’s not that she doesn’t need you, it just means that she doesn’t have to.

She’s great with money

Finding a way to manage eating, shopping, drinking, and transportation costs are all part of a days’ work while traveling. Not only do we know the value of money, but we know how to stretch it. I need money for a train ticket AND food for the day? I got it. I might have to walk a mile and a half to the cheapest café, but I’ll manage to fit in a quick trip to Zara along the way. And if I skip lunch, I might be able to make it to happy hour tonight!

She’s a pro-storyteller

From hitchhiking with strangers to the exotic foods that she tries, a girl that loves to travel will talk your ear off with the amount of stories she’ll tell from her times abroad. You’ll laugh, cry, and probably be VERY jealous that you weren’t along for the ride.

She’s easy going

One of the major components of traveling consists of going with the flow. More often than not, it’s difficult to set a set schedule. So, girls that love to travel tend to be easy going. It’s hard to be high-maintenance when you’re living out of a single suitcase for weeks, or months at a time. Therefore, dating a girl that loves to travel is easy going, making your time together that much better.

She’s creative

Being abroad is not easy. When your parents, roommates, or even friends aren’t around to fix everything you break, you quickly realize that you’re actually on your own. In a foreign city and/or country, you learn to become quick on your feet and creative. Dating a girl that loves to travel will probably be filled with quirky, original gifts, and well-thought-out date nights!

She enjoys the little things

It’s difficult to find quiet time while away. In fact, it’s often difficult to find free time while traveling. Girls that love to travel know to appreciate a “quiet moment” when it occurs. Whether it’s gazing at the stars or strolling through a local park, she’ll know how to appreciate the little things. Her mind is always on something else. While you may be snuggled in bed watching a movie, thinking about nothing but her, she’s probably not on the same page (…sorry). Some thoughts that stroll through her mind may include:

How many more hours do I need to work in order to pay for next month’s trip?

Where am I going to spend next summer?

 I wonder where that cute guy from the bar two years ago in Madrid is doing now?

 It’s nothing to take personal, but a girl that loves to travel will probably never stop thinking about her life changing moments abroad.

She’ll never get lost

If she didn’t have it before, she developed a great sense of direction while being away. While abroad, public transit often becomes your best friend. She’s an expert at reading maps and can navigate herself in any city (by foot) better than most. In any adventure that you two may take on, don’t be afraid to just go with the flow …she’ll take care of everything!

She is the absolute BEST person to want to be around

At the end of the day, dating a girl that loves to travel is the best. Her wit, intelligence, independence, and creativity will always keep you on your feet, never leaving a dull moment!

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