Why You Should Watch The Movie 'Emma.'

Comedy, drama, romance and more await you in the film “Emma.” directed by Autumn de Wilde. This retelling of the classic comedy novel written by Jane Austen features visually pleasing scenes and quirky characters that aim to capture your heart.

The movie stars Anna Taylor-Joy as Emma Woodhouse, a 20-year-old privileged woman who finds amusement in matchmaking and arranging marriages for everyone except herself. She refuses to settle down, and instead, relishes the freedoms that come with being single.

Her widowed father, played by Bill Nighy, is a hypochondriac petrified of being alone and graciously accepts her decision to remain unmarried. 



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Besides taking care of her father, Emma enjoys manipulating relationships by matchmaking couples she sees fit for the high society they live in. It is through this that she delves into a mess of both love and envy, while slowly concluding that love is more than status and wealth.

Nighy and Josh O’Connor, who portrays the character Mr. Elton, offer comedy and over-dramatization to add to the upbeat and playful tone of the movie. 

One of the most compelling components in the movie is the obvious chemistry between Emma and Mr. Knightley, played by Johnny Flynn. Flynn’s character is the only one to call out Emma when she’s being selfish and unthoughtful towards others.

You can visibly see the exasperation, yet hidden admiration, Mr. Knightley has towards Emma in each scene the two share together. But, it is at the ball where the chemistry and tension between them come to a climax as they dance.

As Emma upends the lives of those around her through manipulation, she soon realizes that love cannot be forced. She slowly comes to realize her true feelings towards Mr. Knightley as he offers her something that most men at the time wouldn’t, an equal partnership.



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Though the idea of being single in today’s society is not unheard of, back in the 19th century, unmarried women were looked down upon, so Emma’s decision was considered radical for her time.

This movie explores the topic of breaking out of traditional norms, while also showcasing a woman as the writer of her own story, without the need or approval of a man to find happiness. 

Though the movie begins and ends in a marriage, the key idea is that Emma chooses to get married based on her own merits. She does not do so to prove herself in society, rather she looks at Mr. Knightley as a partner, one who will allow her to completely be herself without being held back or suppressed.