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Why You Should Make Goals Instead of Resolutions This New Year

Tis a new year, and with it, time to make a New Year’s resolution. Will it be to stop doing last minute things, lose weight or spend less money? These so-called resolutions will be forgotten by the second week of January. So let’s forget about the resolutions this year and stick to short term goals that are achievable by the end of each week. This makes us feel more accomplished than having something to work towards the entire year. 

How many times have we swore we will do better this year and that the new year is going to bring more change to ourselves? It is easy to set these resolutions for the first week but as the year goes on we forget about them. Why is that? Are we too busy? Are we actually committed to the resolutions or only on the bandwagon? After the two weeks, the resolutions are left to be forgotten and so, we feel awful that we could not exceed them and meet the goals that we made.

Resolutions are usually extreme lifestyle changes or ending bad habits. It is difficult to transition into a new and different lifestyle. Drastic changes like this take time and most people are not willing to put in the time to make those changes. After realizing the time commitment resolutions take, most people often give up and feel unmotivated to work towards the problem they set out to change.

A better idea is to set goals instead of resolutions. A resolution is a firm decision on whether or not you choose to do something. A goal on the other hand, is more of an ambition and is much more flexible than a resolution. Resolutions at first glance are sometimes too broad and when trying to achieve one we often get overwhelmed. Goals can be broken down into smaller steps that make it easier to achieve them. Achieving these smaller steps allows us to see progress on the journey to completing our main goal. [bf_image id="qnxhnvrjf4v7h7x42pjwhrgh"]

Goals are a good way to measure progress and feel accomplished. Take it week by week or month by month and determine what we want done. Is it being healthier? If so, take some time to walk and record the miles walked. Are we trying to save money? Try putting half of your paycheck in a savings account. Over time being able to save money can have benefits to one's life. By putting money aside, we have the comfort of knowing we can pay bills, buy groceries, as well as having extra money to go out with friends. 

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Instead of unachievable resolutions, this New Year everyone should strive to achieve small weekly goals that build to a larger long-term goal. We can’t expect change instantly but with constant effort we will be able to complete that goal.

Ariyanna is a Junior at Hofstra majoring in global studies with a minor in general business. She enjoys being a positive influence and pushing herself closer to her goals. In her free time she's either in front of the camera modeling, online shopping or listening to music. Her inspiration is a quote from Disney which is "Adventure is out there!"
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