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Why You Should Be Listening to Lizzo During This Back to School Season (And All The Time)

Hot Girl Summer might be coming to a close, but one of the biggest music stars right now Lizzo is embracing something she likes to call Fat Girl Fall. Her biggest song, “Truth Hurts” just reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 despite officially released back in 2017. Many people are saying this late success is due to the revolutionary messages that Lizzo professes in her songs: messages of self-confidence and independence, things we should all be embracing this coming semester.




It isn’t hard to tell when you listen to her songs and browse through her social media that Lizzo knows her power and worth as an artist and as a woman; she isn’t be afraid to be herself and showcase who she is to the entire world. From powerful breakup songs like “Truth Hurts” and “Soulmate” to female empowerment songs such as “Like A Girl”, her lyrics speak to girls of all shape and size and they are combined with infectious beats and impressive vocals.




Recently, she performed at the BET Awards and the VMA’s, radiating positivity among larger TV audiences, allowing even more people to experience the magical confidence of Lizzo. She has shown that she can play a mean flute and that a giant inflatable butt can make any event way more entertaining. And the best part about her performances is that her backup dancers, the Big Grrrls, are all plus-sized dancers, and they look like they are having the time of their lives. No matter what’s going on around her, Lizzo always puts everything into her shows.




Anyone can find inspiration in every single one of her songs; she even has a song titled “Fitness” that would be perfect for a workout playlist. She empowers her fans, the “Lizzbians” both with the music and with her words. On social media and in interviews, she is always talking about how grateful she is for those who support her, and how it’s important for everyone to love themselves, no matter what they look like. 




With years struggling in the music industry, Lizzo understands the value of hard work and patience. Not only does she teach us about self-confidence, but she tells us to never stop hustling and to never give up on our dreams. A new semester of college can be rough, but Lizzo sets an example of how to be ourselves and go for what we want, no matter the obstacles. I personally listen to Lizzo every day because it reminds me that, in the end, my hard work will pay off as long as I believe in myself.



Photos courtesy of Lizzo’s Twitter and Instagram

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