Why Sweater Weather is Better Weather


The weather is getting colder, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Now before you claim that I am absolutely out of my mind, consider this: don’t think about winter as a cold and miserable walk through the snow, think about it as the coziest time of the year. I prefer to ignore the entire term, “winter” and just call it “sweater weather.” Winter gets a bad rap for being a miserable time of year but we need to stop the winter-shaming and start enjoying the snowy weather!

The word cozy in itself is cozy. Winter is basically the best excuse to sit on your couch with a cup of hot tea, wearing the comfiest and biggest sweater you own, binge-watching a TV series on Netflix or catching up on Lauren Conrad’s fall book list that you totally pinned to your “Need to Read” board on Pinterest, but never quite got around to it. Heck, I might even finally start my Summer 2013 Book List.

Better yet, make yourself a winter bucket list to keep things exciting! I write a bucket list for pretty much every season of the year, and I find that it keeps me from getting bored. While I’ve had very ambitious winter bucket lists in the past, I now have no shame in creating a list of relaxing activities to do on my January break. (I learned my lesson after a “learning to snowboard” goal turned into a concussion and very sore butt.)

Looking for some great things to keep you busy this winter break? Try starting your own blog. The coolest thing about blogging is if you get enough subscribers, you could actually get PAID to sit at home in your pj’s and write about your favorite subject. Can you say, dream job?!

Another fun thing to do this winter is finally start trying those fun dessert recipes that you’ve bookmarked on the web. While your desserts may come out looking like a total disaster, it’s fun to challenge yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll realize that you are the Next Great Baker!

If you’re one to get stir-crazy when you’re stuck inside too much, try looking up some cool local workout classes to get involved in while you have some free time. Don’t feel like shoveling the driveway to get your car out? There are tons of great workouts online that you can stream for free!

Another positive about sweater weather is of course, the cozy wardrobe. There is simply nothing better then putting on the comfiest sweater you own, a pair of wintery leggings, and a fun beanie. And don’t even get me started on fuzzy socks – those things are sent from heaven. There are plenty of ways to make winterwear look adorable so layer up and enjoy the most comfortable season of the year.

Probably some of my best advice that I can give you regarding snow is to spend at least 30 minutes this winter tapping into your inner-child and play in the white fluffy stuff! I am nearly 21 years old and have no shame in knocking on my 6-year-old neighbor’s door and asking him to build a snowman with me. It’s also a fun way to spend a boring day with your guy. Bundle up, challenge him to a snowball fight, and then finish off the wintery date with some hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. Corny, maybe. But still totally adorable and fun.

So collegiates, get ready because sweater weather is just around the corner. Now stop grumbling about the cold weather and start taking advantage of the beautiful season. I raise my cup of hot-cocoa-with-tiny-marshmallows to you and to a fun winter!