Why Spring Semester is the Best As Told by a Freshman


Spring semester is super awesome! As a first year student, I personally think second semester is better than the first and here's why!

You have moved past the stage of an awkward student with no friends.

I was super open to making friends first semester but we were all awkward because it was probably most of our first times living away from home. I have such strong connections now and I know I have people who will support me or just come with me to get a late night snack. It's super helpful to have a support system and I now feel more comfortable and well adjusted to school.

It's starting be lighter oustside for longer!

Even if you're stuck in a class that gets out at 6pm or 8pm, the sun is going to be out later because of daylight savings time which is super exciting. No one likes to walk back from class in the dark and in the fall semester it's dark for almost all four months. Spring semester will definitely have more light which will encourage students to be productive later in the day.

Campus becomes so pretty in the Spring.

I actually love campus at all times of the year because it's a beautiful place. However, campus really shines in the spring because flowers finally start to bloom! Hofstra is famous for their tulips and I know I can't wait to walk around and see all the different colors and varieties. Besides the tulips, it is so sunny and refreshing to have spring weather. The weather will be so nice and everyone will be outside working instead of cramped up inside because it's cold.

Students know what to expect!

Being a first year student is definitely tough. I didn't know where any of my classes were, I had to ask my Resident Assistant so many questions during my first semester. I feel much more comfortable walking around campus because I know how to find what the classes I'm in and I know the overall life of a college student. It's not so scary anymore and I don't feel like a deer in headlights anymore. I can easily navigate the portal, figure out the best food on campus and where all of my classes for future semesters will be located. 

I really enjoyed fall semester as well, but I think something about the spring semester is more exciting and fun!