What Your Favorite Wine Says About You

There is a wide variety of grapes and types of wines out there. Each girl generally has her go to wine when out to dinner or having wine night with her friends. Do you prefer a white, red, or what about a little bubbly? Lets find out what your favorite wine says about you!

Pinot Noir Flavors: tomato leaf, beetroot, pale cherry, blackberry, cola, and plum. You are very down to earth. Candles and incense are always in your room. This is your ideal wine because it’s not too fruity. Just like this wine, you have a very attractive nature. You wear simple colors like gray and black. A lot.

Merlot Flavors: watermelon, strawberry, cherry, and plum. You were popular growing up and still are. You’re generally very content with your life and your looks. People say you’re approachable and genuine, but sometimes a little too sweet.

Cabernet Sauvignon Flavors: bell pepper, green olive, herb, and black cherry. No one has every described you as subtle. Being very mature for your age, most of your friends are older. You will grow up to be powerful in mind, body, and spirit if you aren’t already. 

Chardonnay Flavors: green apple, citrus, pineapple, and papaya. Chardonnay people often have big personalities and don’t think twice about things they know they like. Warm weather and dinner parties are your thing. (Add an ice cube and you have become your grandmother). Your style is simple and you look great in pretty much anything!

Boxed Wine Your parents never let you taste wine so you don’t know what you’re drinking nor do you care. Boxed wine is super convenient, it’s basically on tap. You’re pretty lazy and don’t like to spend a lot of money, but hey; that’s ok!

Rosé This wine is made from red grapes just before their skins become too dark. It’s very different just like you! Rosé is mainly fruity, sweet, or savory. You love day drinking and feeling girly.

Sparkling Popular styles of sparkling wine include champagne and prosecco. You love to have fun and have a bubbly personality, duh. Going to brunch on Sundays is a regular thing for you. It’s Safe to say you’re the life of the party.