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What You Need to Know About Manifesting as a Beginner

In all honesty, this year has been nothing but difficult. It may seem like you are constantly bombarded with negativity, but what if we told you that the Law of Attraction is just around the corner?

The truth is: we are always manifesting. Our thoughts and energies are always accounted for within the grand scheme of the universe. Your thoughts create your reality, and through getting a strong and positive grasp on manifesting, you can attract endless positivity into your life. In order to get started with manifestation, here are some ideas to keep in mind!!

The Law of Attraction

At the core of all manifestation lies the Law of Attraction, which is best understood as “like attracts like.” We are the main cause of both positive and negative energy appearing within our lives. When dealing with the output of energy in the universe, especially through manifestation, remember to remain positive so that positive energy will return to you.

Ask The Universe

As if it hasn’t been said enough: the universe is energy. In order to ask for your wants and needs, you need to know what to ask for and be specific!! You can write, speak, or even think of what you want from the universe in order to receive positivity. We love using crystals such as rose quartz, clear quartz, and black obsidian to help amplify our manifestations. When you’re done, remember to be thankful for the universe and place yourself into the mindset that you already have whatever you ask for.

Believe in The Universe

Another key detail of manifestation is dismissing doubt. When you manifest, you have to truly believe that whatever you ask for will come to you. If you are doubtful when you initially manifest, try again until this doubt disappears and you visualize yourself with what you manifest. Emotions are stronger than thoughts, so if you can genuinely feel how you would with your manifestation, you are on the right track. Remember to think “I pass my test,” rather than “I want to pass my test,” in order to remain in this mindset.

Act to Receive

After exuding energy, remember to be open to the opportunities that the universe provides. Sometimes the answers to your manifestations will require some outside effort as well. Not all manifestations are left at your doorstep, so remember to remain open to signs and possibilities!!

With how unpredictable this year has been and through the final stretch of the semester, it’s nice to take some control over what enters your life. Through these easy steps to begin manifesting, we can take charge of what we receive from the universe and change our outlook on life as a whole.

Jess Poley

Hofstra '22

Jess is a junior Film Studies and Production major from Williamsburg, Virginia. She is minoring in journalism and fine arts along with a concentration in photography. In her free time, Jess loves to travel and meet new people.
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