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What to Wear This Holiday Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Gone are the days when your parents dressed you like this (and thank goodness)!

This holiday season you want to make sure you stand out, for all the right reasons, as your wardrobe will have you feeling cozy or ready to party! Whether it is brunch with your besties, dinner with your family, a day out ice-skating or a fun night out on the down, the holiday season boasts for some of the best clothing options to suit everyone’s style.


Brunch With Best Friends

In my opinion seeing your friends after a long, stressful semester is the perfect remedy. When you meet up always want to be photo ready, for the ‘gram of course, but also comfy because let’s be real, they don’t care what you wear!


Family Dinner

Since we all know your family is about to ask a million and questions about your relationships, your grades and that one inappropriate picture they saw on social media you want to come in your “Sunday best” aka conservative. Remind your family of the sweet angel you once were before college corrupted you and maybe they’ll ease up!


Date Night With SO

It is cuffing season after all and luckily for you and bae, the winter allows for maximum closeness. The upcoming holiday is the perfect time to show off why you are the Mrs. Klaus to his Mr. Claus.



Day For Exploring

Whether it is ice skating, walking through your nearby park’s light show or simply gift shopping, the lists of things to do in the winter is endless! Before you get carried away make sure you are super comfortable to embark on your daylong adventure!


Night Out

One minute you’re having a little eggnog and next thing you know, you’re headed out for the night with friends! Trust us, we know winter isn’t nightlife friendly but it is also the perfect time to bring out your sparkly dress and dark matte lipstick – or whatever way you feel like showing off.


Even though you are probably shopping for other people feel free to add these to your list, you’re welcome!


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