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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Ever since “Euphoria” premiered on HBO last summer, it’s been an automatic hit with every binge-watch, and it looks like the hype isn’t coming down anytime soon. The show helped Zendaya secure her first Emmy nomination and brought stars like Hunter Schafer, Alexa Demie and Sydney Sweeney into the spotlight. While season 2 is delayed, like most TV shows, because of COVID-19, the only thing left to do is hope we see these things happen in the next season. 


Fez Alive and Well



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The season finale left Fez’s fate uncertain with his drug supplier suspicious of the money he robbed from the wealthy doctor. It’s unsure that Mouse believes that they’re all good, but the camera zooming in on his face while he looks at Fez is worrisome for his well-being. Fez is such a pure soul and it’s hard to be anything but hopeful that everything turns out okay once “Euphoria” comes back on air. 

Lexi Getting Her Own Episode



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Lexi is definitely an unsung hero with helping Rue pass her drug test, and she is constantly sidelined for Cassie. She does have iconic moments when she is put as Rue’s number two detective in Rue’s manic episode and wearing a Bob Ross costume for the Halloween episode, but we know that there’s more to her than being a sidekick. 

Cassie Independent and Single



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Cassie has gone through a transformation arc with the drama with McKay, Daniel, the abortion and her family life during her backstory episode. She has a serious boy problem and tends to center herself around the men in her life. After all that’s happened to her, Cassie needs to be single to work on herself before even thinking about dating again. 


Rue’s Sobriety

The season concludes with Rue sad and doing drugs again after leaving Jules at the train station when she chooses her family over running away to Los Angeles. Even though there’s a good chance Rue overdosed, we hope with Jules gone that she can work on her codependency and focus on her sobriety for real this time since she made the mature decision to stay with her mom and sister. 


Kat Happy and In Love

Throughout season one, Kat goes in search of her identity and sexuality by using her outfits to show her transformation and her online activities. With her new confidence and finally giving Ethan a real chance at prom, seeing Kat blissfully in love is what she deserves after a pretty rough season.


“Euphoria” is an already iconic show with the incredible acting, the beautiful outfits and, obviously, the makeup that everyone can’t seem to stop wanting to recreate (beautifully, might we add.) It’ll be a while until we can see what showrunner Sam Levinson has in store for the next season, but you can relive it by re-watching season one and scrolling through “Euphoria” makeup looks on TikTok. 

Antonella is originally from Miami, Florida and is currently a senior english/publishing studies major at Hofstra University with a minor in public relations. She loves reading even with a never ending TBR pile, her adorable corgi Marble, and Ariana Grande. She hopes to land a job within the publishing industry when she graduates.