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What It’s Like Getting Asked to be A Maid of Honor

There is an important time in your life where a woman close to you asks you something special; to be her Maid of Honor. That means she trusts you, and wants you there by her side throughout the entire process. I was blessed to be chosen as my cousin’s maid of honor for her wedding.

My cousin lives 3 hours away. We knew she was getting engaged, so her parents and my family had this plan to surprise her the weekend following the engagement. The planning was perfect; we walked right in to her house with her fiancé knowing the details. Her reaction was priceless, she had no idea.

The celebrations began a couple hours later when we all went back to my aunt’s house. Her family, her fiancé and my family were there, and we were waiting for more people to trickle in.

All of a sudden we are in a circle in the living room, and as oblivious as I was, I had no idea what was about to happen. My cousin handed me this flat square box with a light blue ribbon and a nametag on it with my name. I squealed, assuming it was a bridesmaid invitation. A while back I was told I would be in the wedding, so I had to assume.

I open the box to see a beautiful card with matching blue ribbon binding the edges together and a Cinderella-looking carriage on the front. Before I read it, I hugged my cousin. I just couldn’t believe how pretty it was. All my emotions were rushing fast.

I finally open the card and read the words “Once in a while, true love comes in the middle of an ordinary life. Kayla, my fairytale would not be complete without you. Will you be my Maid of Honor?”

I couldn’t finish the card as I read it out loud and said “maid of OH MY GOD.” I had to register the fact that it said maid of honor. I couldn’t believe what I read. But within seconds of screaming tears began to fill my eyes as I threw myself into my cousin’s embrace. I just stood there hugging her for what felt like an hour. I could hear her starting to cry and all of the parents clapping and cheering.

I was in such amazement after that. I read the letter again, wiped some tears away, hugged my cousin again, and eventually got to her fiancé. My uncle hugged me and said “we wouldn’t want anyone else.”

As a 20-year-old, I especially didn’t expect this. But I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with my cousin on all her ideas as her 7/7/17 wedding approaches. I couldn’t explain how much of an honor this is, so I guess that’s why they call it Maid of Honor.

I look back at my lifetime with my cousin, and I thank her and my family every day for bringing someone this important into my life. I’ve been replay the special moment we had together ever since it happened, and my mom even got it on video (I had no idea). Let the expedition begin! 

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