This is what it's actually like to date a Virgo



Dating a Virgo has its ups and downs just like any relationship, but in many cases, it is extremely worthwhile. If you have the opportunity to go out with one, trust me they did not make that decision lightly. Most likely a pros and cons list was made followed by constant overthinking. They thought of every way the night could go wrong but ultimately decided to give it a chance. Having a relationship with a Virgo is unlike any other connection you will ever have. In order for it to succeed, here are some things you should know before falling for one.

  1. 1. Career-Oriented

    Virgos revolve around their professional life. They put all their energy into work, so if that’s not something you want then this is not the relationship for you. It’s not that they care less about other aspects of their life, but their career is one of the most important things to them. Balance is something many Virgos struggle with. If you are dating one and start to feel neglected by them, chances are they don’t realize you feel this way. Getting all caught up in success is a common trend of Virgos.

  2. 2. Not the Traditional Romantic

    Two girls embracing from behind

    Earth signs are generally known to be less outwardly romantic than all the other signs. They choose to display their love in other ways. Public displays of affection, such as hand-holding, or buying them flowers tend to make them a tad queasy. Don’t get me wrong, they would appreciate any gesture of love, but would prefer it given in a more practical way. Instead, help them with a task they’ve been dreading. Do their dishes, help them with homework, plan a beautiful date for them. No matter what it is, a Virgo always appreciates the small gestures.

  3. 3. Be Prepared to Receive Well-Thought-Out Advice

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    If you ever want advice about anything, go to a Virgo. They give the best advice out there. No matter what it’s about, they will be sure to think long and hard before giving you any suggestions. But also be warned, they will not hold back at all. They will tell you exactly how it is even if it may be uncomfortable. Sometimes, while dating a Virgo, they will give advice about a situation whether you want it or not. Keep this in mind before ranting about anything to them. They will interpret your venting as a cry for help, even if it’s not.

  4. 4. No Surprises, Please

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    Virgos need everything to be fully planned out. There can be no shocks or surprises on date night. If you try to keep something from them, they will know immediately. Even if you are keeping a nice surprise from them, it will bother them until they know what it is. It’s not that they don’t appreciate you surprising them. It’s that they feel anxious knowing you haven’t told them everything. Virgos can feel when someone is keeping some from, so try to be as open as possible while together.

  5. 5. Controlling

    a man and a woman sit on a park bench looking frustrated

    People with this sign tend to need to be in control of everything. Have you ever worked on a project with a Virgo? If you have, they most likely took charge of the assignment. They sometimes push their actual feelings beneath the surface, so their possessiveness and jealousy come off as anger. They feel the need to take everything into their own hands for it to succeed. Whether it be in school, in their career or even in a relationship, Virgos want to be in control of everything in their life. In some cases, this is a great trait to have, but in most, it comes off as aggressive and needy. This shouldn’t stop you from being with a Virgo, it just might cause some adjusting.

Every Zodiac sign has its good and bad sides, there is no perfect one. But it is important to know what you are getting yourself into before committing to something you aren't ready for. Virgos may be controlling perfectionsists, but they are also the most caring, loyal and hardworking people. Don't miss out on an opportunity to get to know one just because they might be a little more difficult to understand.