What It’s Like Getting a Big


There are many reasons to join a sorority, but one of the most common responses I hear is wanting a close community and support system. Sororities provide that in many ways, but getting your Big, or big sister, is the best support system you could ever get.

I am a recent pledge of a sorority and just got my big sister a few weeks ago. When you meet all of the older sisters, you normally find some that just click with you. It always seems to end out perfect when you get your big — someone that is perfect for you. Whether you are both so similar or your personalities balance each other out, your big/little pair just seems to fit. When I first met my big, I loved talking to her and knew I wanted her as my big. I even had a dream about it! She later told me that after one of our conversations she texted her friend that she could see me as her little.

The moment you find out who your big is, is one of the happiest feelings in the world. It truly feels like you are getting accepted into a family. The moment it was announced I was speechless and she just ran up and hugged me. I couldn’t stop smiling. Then when I saw one of my best friends get her big right after me, I started tearing up because I loved seeing how happy it made her. Joining this sorority, I wanted to make new friends and by getting a big I made an instant best friend.

And let me tell you, your big is going to want to spoil you so much. They are bringing someone new into their family tree; it’s like being a mother! My big gave me a huge basket of crafts that must have taken her forever to make. They all had quotes and pictures of my favorite things. And she added my favorite snacks and candy to the basket as well. It made me feel so loved because she went out of her way to make things and research things that she knew I loved. I told her my favorite singer was Max Schneider, who most people haven’t heard of, and she searched him up and made a painting with one of his song lyrics on it. It was so touching.


One of the best things about getting your big is getting a whole family tree with them. My specific family tree is super close which makes me so happy to be a part of something like that! I’m lucky enough to have a grand-big who is still in school — not everyone does. When I first had a conversation with her, I actually told my friend that I really want her as my grand-big because we have so much in common. On big/little reveal day, my whole family tree was so happy to have me. I found out that the basket that I got has been passed down from my great-great-grand-big. That hit me hard because it makes me feel part of something bigger. Even my cousin in the tree made me some crafts in the basket. She didn’t have to do that and only did it out of excitement and love for me to join their tree. Getting your big also means gaining an amazing tree of people who love and support you, which is the best feeling ever.


Since then, my big and I have literally texted every day! I love talking to her about everything. Friendships obviously don’t just form overnight, but we know we can trust each other and are so excited for everything to come. Having a big is different than any other friendship because they are there to support you, no matter what. Everyone says that they have so much fun with their big but they can also act like a mom: protecting you and being honest with you when you’re doing something stupid. I have only had my big for two weeks, but I am already so excited for the years to come.