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What to do Over Hofstra’s Super Long Break

Winter break at Hofstra is suppperrr long. I don’t know about you but I start to get bored around the second week. Once the holidays have died down you start to wonder what to do with yourself. This is why I compiled ten things to do over our very long winter break.


  1. Take a January class. Honestly, why not? If you have the funds and the time it seems like a great way to make the break time pass. Not only are you doing something productive, but if you take it for credit, you’re also lightening your workload for an upcoming semester.

  2. Work. Yes girl, WORK! Make that money. Even if it is something as simple as a Starbucks or McDonalds, getting a job for the month and a half is a great way to make some money for the upcoming semester. It’s also a great way to refill your bank account after the holidays.image courtesy of Afta Putta Gunawan 

  3. Catch up on your Netflix queue. I’m sure all semester long you were clicking the “add to my list” button on your Netflix but never actually had any time to watch. Well, now you have a full month and half to binge those shows and movies. I recommend the new movie added on Netflix, “Dumplin’.” It’s super cute and even stars Jennifer Aniston.

  4. Read some books. I love reading and I for sure asked for a Barnes and Noble gift card this holiday. Reading does not have to feel like classwork. Find a book that interests you (a nice holiday romance!) and get all curled up with blankets and pillows and enjoy!

  5. Explore a city near you. I’m from Long Island so my nearest city is Manhattan, and there is no better place to be during the holidays then the city. Go explore a city near you, and find some cool coffee shops or neat museums. Get a group of your friends together and have a fun day.   Image courtesy of rawpixel

  6. Have a girls day with your friends from home you haven’t seen all semester. Get your galpals together, put on some hallmark movies, or your fav genre, and do each other’s nails, and hair, and talk! Make sure you have a ton of snacks and movies and blankets. Enjoy the time with your friends you haven’t seen for a while.

  7. Spend some time with your parents. Honestly, this is probably one of the most important ones on this list. If you dorm here because you live states away, when you get home spend some time with your parents. Don’t forget that they most likely pay for your school, and be thankful for your mom because she got you those clothes you were eyeing for the holidays. Show them some appreciation because they do the utmost for you always. Go parents!

  8. Sleep…. Need I say more?

  9. Go ice skating with your friends! Even if none of you know how to ice skate.. Go and have some fun! If you fall maybe a cute someone will pick you up ;) Image courtesy of rawpixel

  10. Work out. This is probably the least entertaining one on this whole list. Unless you like to work out of course. Since you have so much time on your hands this could be a good time to start working out like you’ve always planned to do. Get that bod fit! You’ll be all toned for your fun spring break trip.

Happy holidays and happy winter break everyone!


Mallory is a Journalism major with a minor in Political Science at Hofstra University.
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