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What To Do During Your Train Commute


Commuting can be a pain in the butt (if you have a long commute take this literally) but there are a lot of ways to make the ride more interesting and feel less like you are wasting precious time. These are some ideas that help me get through the LIRR commute whether I am going home, spending a day in Manhattan, or on my way to my internship.


Talk to someone

Remember when your mom said, “Go outside and talk to people?” Well this is the perfect moment to do so. Stop looking at your phone and talk to the person next to you. You never know if that person will say something that might change your perspective towards something. But be considerate about it. If they have both headphones on and are reading a book, they probably don’t want to talk to you.

Read a book

Speaking of books… READ ONE! I understand you really really really like Netflix, but books can teach you so many things. Also reading a book might spark your imagination and help you be more relaxed and focused for the day.

Listen to music

Listen to relaxing music and look out the window. Even if the scenery is not exactly the Swiss Alps, you might notice some cool or interesting things out the window. Besides, being dramatic when listening to sad or inspirational music is incredibly entertaining.



If the train isn’t moving like bumper cars, writing can be relaxing and translating your ideas to paper can help you remember them later on. You can also draw if that’s more up your alley.

Learn something new

I downloaded the Duolingo app on my iPhone and now if I’m on the train for a while I can practice my French. It also makes me feel productive right at the start of my day and wakes up my brain.   


So enjoy your commute and take advantage of the precious time you get to spend with yourself.

Born a Mexican but a New Yorker at heart. Needless to say that I'm in love with writing, and high fashion. 
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