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What Crystal Jewelry Piece You Need Based Off Your Current Problems In Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

In recent years there has been an increased interest in alternative medicines. Unlike traditional medical procedures, alternative practices like acupuncture and tai chi are typically based more on mindset and philosophy, rather than surgeries or pharmaceuticals. Recently, social media platforms like TikTok have set their eye on one particular form of alternative medicine: crystals.

Crystals work to mitigate problems within the body in a few ways. Perhaps most notably, crystals are said to work through vibrational energy. Crystals vibrate at the same frequency as humans. When worn or placed near us, they amplify positive energy, allowing it to flow through the body, all while drawing negative energy out. Despite the fact there is no scientific evidence behind their healing properties, this alternative therapy has been used for ages (having philosophies drawn from both Hinduism and Buddhism). Although crystal work may simply be a placebo effect, Harvard Men’s Health Watch states that placebos are often effective in treating a myriad of conditions, like fatigue and insomnia.

According to experts, certain crystals carry specific metaphysical properties that allow them to target certain ailments within our bodies, minds and souls. Here are a few crystals that may help you with some of your current problems in life, and how to wear them (because after all, every fashion magazine does say it’s all about accessorizing). 

Stress and Anxiety

Stones like clear quartzamethyst and sodalite might be particularly helpful for those who suffer from anxiety disorders or are prone to more stress. Known as the master healer, clear quartz is often used to energize other crystals and balance both the body and mind. Amethyst is essential when it comes to feeling under pressure. By bringing us clarity, it helps us understand the root of our stress and how to eliminate it. Perhaps one of the most effective anxiety-relieving stones that you might not have heard of is sodalite. The so-called “stone of peace,” sodalite enhances our confidence and self-expression, allowing fears to be let go of while welcoming calmness and serenity. 

Poor Sleep

Suffering from a lack of sleep can have many adverse effects on both mental and physical health. Luckily for those who like to experiment with alternative medicine, there is an abundance of crystals believed to alleviate insomnia and restlessness.

Healthline recommends several stones to help promote peaceful, anxiety-free sleep. Crystals like fluorite and green calcite may help soothe us after a long stressful day, while others, such as moonstone and opal, may put our mind at ease, stopping us from overthinking and instead encouraging a good night’s rest. It is recommended to place sleep-promoting crystals near your bed or under pillows for the best results.

Creative Blocks

As a college student always writing papers and trying to come up with innovative projects, creative blocks are sometimes bound to ruin your day. If you are getting stuck in a rut, try carnelian. This sunset-colored stone is known to open up the sacral chakra, relieve feelings of self-doubt and encourage creativity and self-expression. Other stones like tiger’s eye and lapis lazuli are also known to swap self-doubt for self-expression, but instead by opening up the third eye chakra.

Relationship Problems

Relationship problems. Everyone has them. Although they might never fully disappear, there is plenty we can do to solve tiffs with loved ones, and incorporating crystals into our endeavors might just alleviate some tension. The stone most notable for promoting interpersonal harmony is rose quartz. As denoted by its pink appearance, rose quartz is all about love. According to Healthline, this stone encourages close connections through fostering love, respect and trust.

Another crystal that holds tremendous healing powers is peridot. This green crystal is known to soothe painful emotions that often lead to downfalls in relationships, such as jealousy, bitterness, resentment and anger.


If you’re anything like me, sometimes you may feel surrounded by negativity. To protect your aura and promote positive thoughts, consider trying black tourmaline. Often said to be one of the most powerful crystals, black tourmaline is an absorbent stone that soaks up the negative energy surrounding it. Similar to other protective stones like onyx, black tourmaline is associated with the root chakra, which is inhabited by our stability and grounding energies. If you are yearning to feel a deeper sense of security and belonging, try incorporating grounding stones into your lifestyle. 

So, how can you keep crystals close to you in order to foster the best results?

My personal favorite way is by wearing the stones in my jewelry. Crystal jewelry can be found at local metaphysical or jewelry stores, as well as online through platforms like Etsy. Lately, I have been wearing this peridot ring from Etsy that I absolutely adore, but there are plenty of local small businesses close to Hofstra that you can support, like Amityville Apothecary. In these stores especially, you can learn about a myriad of crystals all at once and even feel if your intuition draws you to certain stones over others. In order for your crystal’s energy to shine through, you should take special care of it. Cosmopolitan has written a wonderful article on crystal meanings and care, but if you have any specific crystal-related questions, metaphysical store owners typically provide the best help. Lastly, if you are suffering from serious ailments or emotional distress, be sure to contact your doctor to get it properly addressed.

Grace Poster is a senior International Business major at Hofstra University. She aspires to one day work for one of her favorite fashion labels (yes, very Rachel Green-esque). When not writing for Her Campus, she can be found sipping a chai latte, enjoying the sun at a local beach, or online shopping, most likely all at once.