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Warm Weather Activities to do Around Hofstra (For Free!)

Spring is finally here and the warm weather is giving everyone some serious serotonin. The warmer weather brings more opportunities to hang out with friends and socialize in some COVID-friendly ways. There are so many easy ways to enjoy springtime with the people you love without having to go far or spend any money at all!

Go to Jones Beach

This is the obvious one. Jones Beach is so close to campus and you can spend the entire day there. Pack a lunch and lay out on the beach, go swimming or walk the boardwalk. Beach days, here we come!

Eisenhower Park

Eisenhower park is HUGE and there are so many things to do there without having to pay a cent. You can ride bikes, walk around, have a picnic or bring a ball to kick around on the grass. There is so much space to socialize with friends and remain socially distanced!

Have a Picnic

If you don’t want to stray far from campus, no problem! Pick up some snacks from the Student Center and have a picnic with friends on one of Hofstra’s many fields. Make a day out of it with a good book or a craft to do.

Outdoor Yoga

There is nothing like doing some nice and relaxing yoga in the springtime weather. Breathe in some fresh air and exhale out this crazy year. Either alone or with friends, this can be done at any time of day, although I recommend mid-morning before it gets too hot outside.

Go Hiking

There are some great hiking trails only a 20 min car ride away from Hofstra. Put on your walking shoes and go explore the great outdoors. Take a friend or go by yourself, but spend the day enjoying the trees and this amazing weather!

After a LONG year, we all deserve some time outside to take in the sun, flowers and birds. So, take one of Hofstra’s “mental health” days or a weekend and enjoy this nice springtime weather while it lasts!

Hello! I'm a Sophomore at Hofstra University, double majoring in Journalism and Dance. I love coffee and peanut butter with a passion. I have lots of opinions and love writing about pretty much anything, so I hope you enjoy what I've got to say!
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