The V. Club Spotlight

Welcome to the V. Club! Thanks to Her Campus Hofstra and Hailey Oliveri (a former Her Campus Hofstra President), eight girls (including myself) from the chapter were able to attend a V.I.P. preview event for the V. Club. The V. Club is a center in Manhattan specializing in master classes for sexual health and education. Right now they offer three classes: one focusing on men's bodies, one focusing on the best ways to achieve that vaginal "O", and one focusing on tips and advice for older couples that still want to be sexually active. At the moment, the V. Club is working to add more master classes to their list, including classes for people who identify as LGBTQ+. The classes focus on the psychology and sciences behind sex, and the goal is to help people get the most out of their sexual experiences.

This opportunity was unique and fun, so I was super excited to go check it out. The event gave us a preview into what the V. Club offers. They discussed some of the master classes, gave us a tour of their space, which is so cute, and gave us some more information on why a place like this is super important. There was free food and drinks, tons of photo ops, and we had the chance to speak directly to the owner and some of the class instructors. To start, each of the three classes will be four hours long taught by women who genuinely want to share their knowledge with others. Amanda, one of the instructors, told us, "It's all about men and women being equal, but it's also about all humans being equal."

Being at the V. Club felt so empowering. It is a safe space for, but not limited to, women, where they can learn to ignore the stigmas and feel confident in their experiences. The classes are not just focused on sex, and the V. Club also offers information on love, dating, and relationships. Having the chance to learn about this in a safe environment is amazing. Classes like this should be offered to people of all ages. The V. Club can really help someone up their game. The center is all about positivity and empowerment, so any stigmas about being too experienced or not experienced enough all go out the window. There is no judgment, and their sole purpose is making sure everyone has the best sexual experience possible. 

Since this was just a preview trip, anyone who was at this event got a card to come back for a free master class! I'm already looking forward to going back because it was such a positive experience. They also gave everyone in attendance, a tote bag filled with an amazing water bottle, a notepad, mints, and the pamphlets about the classes. I 100% can't wait to go experience one of these classes!

All images courtesy of Courtney Shapiro