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Underrated Study Spots on Hofstra’s Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Throughout Hofstra’s campus, there are plenty of spots for students to get work done, but they can get crowded or uncomfortable. With finals coming up it is imperative to find a comfortable place to focus in and get those last assignments for the semester in. 

Romanticizing studying is a great way to keep yourself in the zone and focused on the task at hand. One way to do this is by finding the perfect location. These are some locations that are both comfortable and can adapt to different study preferences.

Hallway of Library, stacks of books at Hofstra University Axinn Library
Photo by Meghan Rodriguez

Spot 1: The Upper Floors of axinn

The Quiet Floors in the Axinn Library are a great place for completely Independent and solo studying. Among the stacks of books are a few rows of desks with enough space to sprawl out your materials as well as a shelf to place personal belongings. The quiet environment allows you to focus on the task at hand without needing headphones. The upper floors get quieter as you go starting from four being the loudest to floor nine being the quietest. You can watch the skyline and you can get the perfect view of the sun setting in the evening. It can get a tad crowded around common hour but most times of the day you can find plenty of spots. Plus, on the higher floors you can even catch a view of the New York City skyline!

Library desk at Basement of Hofstra University Axinn library with Study materials open and a book and computer
Photo by Meghan Rodriguez

Spot 2:The basement of axinn

The basement level of the Axinn Library is a semi-collaborative study space option. You can work with a friend in a booth, rent a study room or write on the boards and collaborate. On this floor are a multitude of areas for studying. This floor is not a quiet floor, meaning it can get loud during busier hours. This floor is best for group studying but can cater to one-on-one studying as well. Those looking to study by themselves may need headphones as it can get noisy. This spot is also a short walk from Bits and Bytes so you can grab a bite before, during or after your study sesh.

Desk in Hofstra\'s Law Library
Photo by Meghan Rodriguez

SPot 3: The Law Library

The Hofstra Law Library at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law may not be a spot most undergrads consider, ALL students have access to the library via swipe access during its hours. Be warned that the hours do differ from the Axinn Library Hours. This library has separate talking and Quiet sections and different types of desks for studying. This Library is close to Au Bon Pain and Dunkin for your mid-study session coffee.

Image of Study Room in Hofstra\'s Axinn Library
Photo by Meghan Rodriguez

Spot 4: Rented Study rooms

Study Rooms are a great idea if you want to study with your peers or your friends. These rooms come with two to five chairs and a whiteboard and/or a TV to project study materials. It is recommended to bring dry-erase markers and erasers as they are typically not supplied in the room. Study rooms with boards and a TV are located on the Second Floor and Basement of Axinn Library and can be rented here. There are additional rooms located throughout the upper floors of Axinn that need a key that you can ask the front desk for. These rooms are great for collaboration but can encourage distractions.

Honorable mentions

Studying Outdoors in the lawn chairs outside Bits and Bytes or on the Quad are great places to study on Sunny days.

Speaking of Bits, the high-rise chairs looking out the window in front are a calm spot for Rainy days.

The Business Buildings, C.V. Starr Hall and Leo A. Guthart Hall for Innovation and Discovery contain various seating throughout the corridors.

The Science and Innovation Center is a far but worthwhile trip for those looking to feel fancy.

The Student Center’s second floor has outlets and is a good place to both study and people-watch.

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