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The Ultimate Sunday Spotify Playlist

Whether you had the best weekend in, or the wildest weekend out, once the bill is paid for Sunday Brunch the Monday dread tends to set in. If you take the route I do, you avoid all your work for a few more hours and justify it by doing some self-care Sunday. For me, it’s a pint of ice cream, a face mask, and my Ultimate Sunday Playlist. These tunes keep me chill, in the weekend mood, while still slightly motivated to not just nap all day. But if you do decide to nap (I won’t judge) this playlist will carry you through a solid nap. 

Now, I regularly listen to all of these songs and they are all my favorites, but as a sample here is my top 5 favorites and why they are on this playlist.

To see the full list check it out on Spotify.  

The Wonder of You   

This cover of an Elvis Presley song was featured in the series finale of Big Little Lies. The sweet sound of the guitar is so relaxing and melancholy, just like me on Sundays. 


Banana Pancakes    

A friend of mine recently introduced me to this song and I fell in love with it. The words and the beat make it the perfect lazy Sunday song.  



I always need a little bit of a beat to mix into my slow songs to keep me awake and somewhat productive on Sunday afternoons. I have cute memories with this song and it always gives me good vibes. 



What’s a Sunday Playlist without Sam Smith? He makes a few appearances here. His voice is just exactly the sound that I associate with relaxing, lazy days. 


Can’t Help Falling In Love    

I always end up feeling a weird mix of romantic and melancholy on Sundays and this song is just perfect for those vibes. It must be the mix of loving the weekend and dreading Monday that gives me these vibes. 

This playlist 1 hour and 43 minutes, with 27 songs, so next Sunday when you are recovering from the weekend and need some new sounds, check out the Ultimate Sunday Spotify list (it’s on Apple Music too). 


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