The Ultimate Spotify Playlist You Need When You Have A Bad Day

Bad days are the worst! You don't feel like doing anything, talking to anyone, and overall you just want the day to be over. Everyone has their ways to cope with a bad day, but my favorite is blasting music.

There is always a song that can make a day better. Personally, I love listening to anything with an upbeat feel rather than something slow, but everyone has their own preferences. Sometimes music is the only way to get yourself out of a funk.

Hopefully, the day won't be bad for long, and you can go out and enjoy yourself.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

To make my bad days better, I created an ultimate pick-me-up playlist! There are a ton of feel-good songs on here, and hopefully, they can turn your bad day around. Feel free to follow the playlist!

I wanted to create a playlist that could cater to any audience. I put several different genres of music in the playlist, including pop, country, rap and hip, hop, 80s jams, and even some classic rock. My roommates helped me create this, so I knew I was getting several different music tastes. It has over 200 songs ranging from "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey to "Nobody's Perfect" by Hannah Montana. I used songs that you can belt out to and immediately feel better such as "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line or "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. 

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash

Listen Here ~

It was so much fun to make such a big playlist with so many of my favorite songs. I love listening to this, even when I'm not having a bad day because there are a lot of songs to shuffle through. So go turn up the speaker and dance your bad day away!  Follow the link above to check out the Ultimate Pick Me Up Playlist!



***If the link doesn't work the playlist is Ultimate Pick Me Up Playlist by court2100.