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Tune-In Tuesday: Mike Posner, I Took a Pill in Ibiza

Remember that guy with one hit that came out probably when you were starting out high school? You know, that song “Cooler Than Me?” Well, that guy was Mike Posner, and after many years of people wondering where he went (if you ever asked that question), he’s back with a song that deems a little shocking from what he’s sung in the past. 
The new hit song “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” that’s been playing on the radio and your “Today’s Hits” Pandora has a blend of Top 40s and EDM to it, something Mike Posner never mixed. “Cooler Than Me” was definitely Top 40s and only that. It was hard to believe this song was a Posner song. Much to my surprise, when I heard this song for the first time, I did not expect to hear his name after I asked who sang it. And I definitely wasn’t the only one. Every time I mention it to people they just ask the question “is it really?” So if you, too, did not think that this was Mike Posner, you’re not alone. 
I’ve tried to listen to the lyrics, and they’re somewhat interesting and I really think you can try to get a message out of it. For example, the first verse says, “I took a pill in Ibiza to show Avicii I was cool.” The rest goes on to say how he tries to do these things for the pleasure of others or to fit in to the society’s norms. I’m not saying you have to find a deep meaning behind this song, because I’m sure most of you aren’t, but if you thought about it, Posner is pretty much telling you to do your own thing. 
But I know people mostly listen to this song for the beat and music that completes the song. The sole purpose of me putting it on a playlist was because my friend recommended me it saying it was a “great song to party to.” Which is totally okay, because you should have some catchy music to get your night going. Overall, Posner made another hit, and maybe this will be the trend he sticks to? I’m hoping it’s not another hit song and then he leaves, because I want to see where his style will go.
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