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Tune-In Tuesday: Disney Tunes

If you have a 5-year old child inside of you like I do, then you definitely have a soft spot for Disney. If I’m not going to Disney World, then I’m listening to the best Disney songs (and by best, I mean all of them).

However, if you want to limit yourself, I have the best list for you. Here are the top 10 best Disney songs to jam out to (in no particular order).


1) A Whole New World, Aladdin: Now not to be biased, but Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie of all time. But there’s something about this song in general that makes you want to soar over the city sky and take it all in. It’s a song you can feel like you’re escaping to. Go ahead, jump on your magic carpet and fly away into a fantasyland!

2) Hakuna Matata, The Lion King: This has to make you feel so good; it’s the “no worries” song! It’s one of those songs you can cheer yourself up with. Let’s face it, we all need to destress. Disney is already a happy environment; so let’s make it even happier with this problem free philosophy!

3) Let It Go, Frozen: I understand if you’re sick of this song because it has been overplayed, but this is definitely a great song to feel independent with. You’ve probably heard many renditions of this song, there’s probably one to match your own problem (finals, for example?). You pretty much won’t be able to hold your problems back for too long, so play this and get your anger out!

4) You’ve Got A Friend In Me, Toy Story: Belt this out to your friend; I’m sure they’d sing it right back to you. This is a heart-warming song about having a great friend, I’m pretty sure it’ll bring you two even closer (especially if you share the same love for Disney)

5) Once Upon A Dream, Sleeping Beauty: Every girl has that dream of meeting their prince or their one true love. We all make them up in our heads and feel so giddy once you picture him. Maybe you won’t meet him in the woods behind your three fairy godmothers’ backs, but maybe a coffee shop.

6) A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, Cinderella: Another dreaming song. It’s true though, your heart wishes for these things. If you feel as if you really want it in your heart, you’ll probably dream about it. I dreamt about pizza once, and I can definitely say my heart wanted it.

7) I’ll Make A Man Out Of You, Mulan: I’m not even going to deny it, it’s one of my workout songs. The entire tone is determination. I can see it now; Mulan failing at these male activities but then rising up in the end and kicking some butt. If you want to get anything done and need a boost, this will definitely help you out.

8) Part of Your World, The Little Mermaid: Ariel has a goal, I’m sure you do too. Sometimes you want to fit in with the people you know you’re meant to be with, and that’s great, because you know that you belong. Also, at the end of the song, Ariel lifts herself up on a rock and has the waves crashing and her hair blowing in the wind – try that. I have and failed miserably, but it’s fun.

9) Beauty And The Beast, Beauty And The Beast: Tale as old as time. It’s a classic. Picture the beautiful ballroom and dancing around in a gorgeous dress with a man who you love for what’s on the inside. Also, a teapot sings it, so that’s pretty awesome.

10) Bare Necessities, Jungle Book: This teaches you another lesson of forgetting your worries and troubles. You can be happy with what you have, and not with what you “want.” It can definitely be a little pick-me-up for realizing you’re broke and not being able to  buy that cute dress.

Go ahead, play these songs. Shuffle them up, turn the volume on high, and sing and dance. I’m sure your neighbors won’t mind, they’ll probably join along.  Hakuna Matata!



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