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Tune-In Tuesday: Demi Lovato Concert

I went to see Demi Lovato live in concert for the second time on October 17th, 2014 at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT. Even though she has pure talent when it comes to singing, playing the piano, and even dancing, I was a little disappointed on her overall performance.

Opening for her was MKTO and Christina Perri. MKTO was very energetic and got the crowed dancing. Christina Perri took a calmer route and showed her natural talent, both singing and piano-wise. I really enjoyed both the energetic and calm aspect of these performances and hope they go on tour solo one day so I could see them play.

Compared to my first time seeing Demi, I did not feel as pumped up or as moved my second time. I feel as if she did not connect with the crowd as much. She did admit to having a bad day, and it definitely showed at her concert. Also in the first concert, I became emotional during her speech before “Warrior” and during her song “Nightingale” because both her powerful yet sad slow songs really made us feel connected to her. This concert did not make me feel this way, and I really wish I was able to feel that way again.

Nonetheless, Demi is an outstanding singer, and I could listen to her voice live for hours. One concert does not change the way I feel about her, and just because she had a bad day does not mean I wouldn’t love to go see her again because I know she puts on a great show anywhere she goes.

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