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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

For years I have spent tons of time and money buying the most expensive mascara or false eyelashes to make up for the lack of natural lash I actually have. I had always considered eyelash extensions but never had the guts to get them. I heard horror stories about how they can make your natural lashes fall out, or how if you don’t go to the right place it would mess up your vision. After tons of research and finding the right lash salon, I finally decided to ditch the expensive mascaras and false lashes and get the extensions, and want to share what the experience is really like for anyone else considering eyelash extensions.

Here on Long Island we have Amazing Lash Studio, a certified lash salon. I felt most comfortable going here after seeing people who had their lashes done there as well as hearing their reviews. The salon itself was extremely clean and neat, and the people were very friendly. Although pricey, I felt comfortable knowing that my eyes would be safe in the hands of my stylist and that I was getting quality product and service. I went into a private room and sat down for a consultation, where we discussed what kind of lashes I was looking for, if my current eyelashes and skin could handle the extensions, and what the aftercare looked like.

Once everything was evaluated, we started putting the lashes on. They lay you down on a massage table, turn off the lights, and ask that you keep your eyes closed for the hour and a half that they’re working on you. They even put on relaxing music and encourage you to take a nap. My lash specialist made me feel super comfortable, talking to me and fixing whatever needed to be fixed if I didn’t feel comfortable. He took his time and spent about 45 minutes on each eye. The time surprisingly flew by so quick.

After the lashes were done I got to look at them and I genuinely couldn’t believe how natural they looked. They didn’t look fake or exaggerated, they were perfect. I made sure to buy the correct products to properly care for my lashes, including a lash cleanser, makeup remover, and lash coating to apply twice a week. The aftercare seemed simple, and I was ready to make these lashes last.

Here’s what it’s really like to have lash extensions.

  1. You can’t get them wet for the first two days. Try washing your face or showering without getting your eyes wet, it’s not fun.
  2. After 48 hours, you need to wash them twice a day with lash cleanser. You would think a soap designed to go on your eyes would be eye friendly, it’s not. Getting it in your eyes is inevitable and not comfortable, especially when you can’t rub your eyes.
  3. You have to avoid all oil-based makeup product. This means you can still wear your own mascara. When taking it off though, you can’t rub your lashes.
  4. Putting makeup on is not easy if you’re not used to big, long lashes.
  5. They do fall out, very easily. Be careful!
  6. If you’re like me and love the look of big false lashes, you won’t get that with lash extensions.
  7. They do make getting ready in the morning much easier, you literally woke up like this.
  8. When they’re wet, they need to be dried. You will spend time blow drying your eyelashes.
  9. And, they need to be brushed!

Bottom line, if you are someone whose makeup routine consists of throwing on a little bit of bronzer and some mascara, these are definitely a lifesaver. It cuts your morning routine in half when your eyelashes are basically perfect. If you enjoy a full face of makeup and the look of full false lashes, ditch the extensions. Not only is applying and removing eye product a pain, your lashes won’t look the same as a voluminous strip.

Coming from a small town in Connecticut, Hailey is a recent graduate of Hofstra University. She spent her time in school working as the Campus Correspondent for the Hofstra chapter of Her Campus where she led the chapter to a pink level status every semester she oversaw the chapter. She also served as the Personnel Director for Marconi Award Winning station WRHU-FM. While holding multiple positions at Hofstra, she was a communications intern at Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment, the company that oversees Barclays Center and Nassau Veteran's Memorial Coliseum.