Top Fashion Influencers to Follow

Being a fashion and beauty influencer or “blogger” as it’s called, whether it’s by having your own blog website, YouTube channel, and all social media platforms is the new job that many young women are pursuing as a full-time career.  Depending on the following you build you get to attend fashion week shows, brands send you free items to promote their brand, and you get to build your own platform.

All the influencers in this list, all have a similar platform in the influencer world. Not all of them have a YouTube channel, but they do have a blog website. The one thing they all have in common is social media and they heavily depend on it especially when it comes to Instagram.

Brooke Carrie Hil-Diaz

Brooke Carrie Hil-Diaz is the founder of the Notebrooke blog. Notebrooke started as a writing portfolio for Brooke while she was trying to break into the media broadcast industry to showcase her work to employers while achieving her law school degree.  Brooke revived the Notebrooke website in 2014 when she decided to pursue this career path full time. Brooke currently resides in New York City with her husband. She does not have a YouTube website but you can read her blog site for tips on fashion and beauty and follow her on Instagram @brookecarriehil. 

Alexandra Chloe

Alexandra Chloe is also based in New York City. She is 20-years-old and she is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and college student at the Fashion Institute of Technology pursuing a business degree. She is constantly blogging and updating her website sharing the latest fashion and beauty trends and always gives authentic reviews on everything she uses. If you want to know more about Alexandra, make sure to read her fashion blog on and follow her Instagram on @alexandra_chloe.

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Marianna Hewitt

Marianna Hewitt is a TV host turned lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blogger who shares all her tips, personal style and travel adventures. She has her own blog and YouTube channel where she gives product reviews and shows us her travel adventures whether it’s attending fashion week or showing us how she gets ready and unready, Marianna is the YouTuber to follow. She is currently working to launch Blog With Me where she will give tips and advice for those who want to learn how to expand and grow their brand as a blogger. Make sure to read her blog, and follow her Instagram accounts on @marianna_hewitt and @blogwithme.

Jenny Cipoletti

Jenny Cipoletti, creator of the Margo & Me blog, is an LA based fashion Francophile and lifestyle blogger who aims to inspire young, professional, millennial women with approachable feminine style. She lends her advice on all fashion, beauty and lifestyle publications and also appears on PopSugar and creates segments for her own YouTube Channel. Make sure to watch her YouTube channel and follow her blog on for all things fashion and beauty including her traveling adventures where she travels the world still bringing you fashion and beauty content. You can also follow her on Instagram on @margoandme.

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A post shared by Jenny Cipoletti (@margoandme) on

Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger and founder of blog The Chriselle Factor that started out as a passion project to showcase her latest jobs and projects. Lim gained lots of attention on her YouTube channel and made the blog because of viewers’ request to showcase her outfit posts that has since turned into a fashion and beauty favorite content network with thousands of readers. Make sure to watch her YouTube channel, follow her blog on and follow her Instagram @chrisellelim.

Kalyn Nicholson

Another one of my favorites that I just came across last month that I actually became a fan of right away is Kalyn Nicholson. She lives in Toronto Canada, and she makes the best YouTube videos that are all about life advice and also fashion. She genuinely likes to give advice about mental health diets, and life in general. She also has a separate channel on fashion and beauty videos as well. You can follow her on YouTube by subscribing to her channel, read her blog on and also follow her on Instagram @kalynnicholson13.

Deepica Mutyala

This Southeast Asian beauty quit her 9 to 5 beauty job in the fashion industry to pursue her vlogger career full time. She recently moved from the West Village in NYC to LA and continues to be an inspiration in the beauty world showing us makeup tutorials and how to feel comfortable in your own skin. You can follow her YouTube channel or on Instagram @deepicam.

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A post shared by Deepica Mutyala (@deepicam) on

There are many more influencers that I can list that I also follow, but these are my top favorite influencers that I consider to be an important staple in the influencer world that everyone should follow.