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Pentatonix has become one of the most popular a capella groups in history. Each of their songs and mashups is meticulously curated and orchestrated. With all of their songs being so detailed, it was incredibly difficult to come up with a top seven list, but we did our best!


“Daft Punk”

The group’s mashup of Daft Punk’s greatest hits is one of their most popular songs. Pentatonix stays in perfect sync the entire time. The mashup contains hits like “Technologic,” “One More Time” and “Get Lucky.” It is truly an entertaining listen. 


“Jolene” (Featuring Dolly Parton)

This version of the country hit “Jolene,” featuring the country legend herself, Dolly Parton is not one to be missed. Pentatonix’s harmonious backup vocals to Dolly blend perfectly. 


“Rather Be”

Pentatonix’s cover of “Rather Be” by Jess Glynne is one of those songs that makes you forget the group is an acapella group. The bass vocals are so top-notch that it sounds like an actual instrument. Kirstin Maldonado’s lead vocals mix perfectly with her groupmate’s backup vocals.



While this song may be considered a holiday song, it is too amazing not to add to this list. Pentatonix breathes a whole new life into this song, and it is definitely worth the listen!

“Somebody That I Used To Know”

This cover of the Gotye hit is a smooth, easy listen that transforms the 2011 hit into a less-gritty version of the song.

“My Favorite Things”

This gothic, operatic take on the “Sound of Music” classic is absolutely stunning. The rapid changes in pitch show off the group’s exceptional ability to stay in sync.

“Can’t Sleep Love”

An original by Pentatonix yet again proves once again how multifacted the group truly is. The lyrics are detailed and the beat is quite original. This tune is definitely one of their hidden gems!


Pentatonix’s versatility and their uncanny ability to stay so in sync throughout every performance is what has helped them stay so relevant for nine years. If they continue to churn out hits at the pace they have in the past years, it is almost a guarantee that this list will change!

Sofia Staub

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