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Tis the Season for 12 Holiday Nail Art Designs

And on the 12th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…holiday nail art? Those are the lyrics right? They may not be 12 drummers drumming, but you have to admit, these nail art ideas will surely put you in the ~festive~ spirit.


1. Just a Touch of Sparkle

There is no such thing as too much sparkle. Find a nail polish that is as white as snow and then get a sparkly polish to top it off to make sure you are the shiniest star at the holiday party. Plus the snowflake on the accent finger allows you to wear this design even after the holidays are over.


2. Christmas Goes Geometric

Take a modern spin on a classic Christmas tree with this design. For those that are on the edgier side, you can switch this look up however you would like. You can opt out of the sparkle on the accent figure or you can choose a white background rather than blue.


3. Sweater Envy

For this look, all you need is cherry red nail polish, white nail polish, and a toothpick. Base the designs off your favorite holiday sweater and you will be all set! Everyone will want to know how you did it, but they won’t realize how easy it was!


4. Dot Dot Dot

The secret to this look? Use the tip of a bobby pin to get the perfect little polka dots! Choose your three favorite holiday colors, the merrier the better and arrange the dots however you’d like. You’ll be ready in no time!


5. Light It Up

If your favorite part of the holiday season is the christmas lights like me, then this look is for you! If you don’t want to use actual string like in the picture, then you can use brown or black nail polish and a toothpick instead to get this look.


6. Bye Buddy!

For those that cannot get enough Elf, this is the look for you! It will be the perfect accessory to your dinner of spaghetti with syrup and sprinkles! You will be wishing you were at the North Pole with all of the other elves with this design.


7. Sweet Snowflakes

This look is perfect if you want to give yourself a little challenge this season! Start off with a base of red nail polish and then using a makeup sponge, ombre white nail polish at the tips. Using a toothpick and the white nail polish, create the snowflake design. If you want to add an extra oomph to this design, you can put little rhinestones at the center of the snowflakes!


8. Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town

This ~adorable~ Santa Claus look will ensure you are on the nice list. If creating five santas seems a little too challenging, then you can opt for putting one on the accent finger and then choosing a solid color for the other fingers….I promise Santa will understand.


9. Like a Red Nose

Show off Rudolph and his friends with this design! Adding the polka dots to a couple fingers will ensure that this look won’t be too hard, plus it will allow you to switch it up if you want. Not feeling the polka dots? You can choose to do stripes if you’d like!


10. Tie It Up in a Bow

It’s as if you received a Tiffany box for Christmas, but it’s red….and on your nails. Close enough? This ~lovely~ design will be the perfect addition to your holiday attire.


11. Let It Shine

Have a holiday glitter nail polish that is just waiting to be used? Then look no further than this design….Easy part is that you only need two nail polish colors. Creating this look will only take you a few minutes and you’ll be ready for that holiday party!


12. Sweet Like a Candy Cane

Can’t get enough candy canes? Why not put them on your nails then? Choosing white as the base coat will make adding the stripes not only easier, but it will make the colors more vibrant as well. They’ll look so nice, you might mistake them for actual candy canes. Just make sure not to eat them because they won’t taste as sweet unfortunately.

Originally from Southern California and now living on Long Island! I am a self-declared sushi addict who enjoys good music and good people x (p.s. if anyone knows how to survive an east coast winter, please let me know!!)