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Thoughts on Season 15’s Bachelorette, Hannah Brown

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

In case you missed it due to the quick turnaround from Colton’s season of The Bachelor, the popular partner-show, The Bachelorette, is already on its third episode featuring Alabama’s own crowd-favorite, Hannah Brown (@alabamahannah). While the show is known to be promoted every season “as you’ve never seen it before,” the 15th bachelorette may prove this trope to be true. 

The Bachelorette is classically dramatic, never letting a pot-stirring comment or devilish side-eye go unnoticed on television. The audience is fully aware of the massive amounts of construction that go into producing each episode due to the producer’s need to create as much drama and intrigue as possible. Hannah, though, seems to be unfazed by the scripted efforts of reality TV and has been candidly proving that she is on the show to have fun, date, and get engaged to the love of her life.

Aside from having true intentions for taking on the role of the bachelorette, Hannah has shown no desire to mask any part of herself for the show’s audience. She swears on screen, confronts the men one-on-one, and presents her quirky, fun-loving self both to the men and during her interviews.   

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Mid-way through the premiere, a blank white van pulled up behind the mansion carrying Demi Burnett (@demi_not_lovato) and Katie Morton (@katieemo), Hannah’s closest friends from their shared season of The Bachelor. The women sat in the back of the van decked-out in “spy” equipment, including video monitors, that allowed them to surveil the opening-night cocktail party and share their opinions on the men with Hannah. According to the show, Hannah requested her friends to be brought in to spy, but we’ll never know the truth. What we do know, though, is that Demi ended up rightfully outing one of the men for having a girlfriend back home. After she shared the information with Hannah, Hannah didn’t hesitate to confront the contestant, and we love a woman that isn’t afraid to stick up for what’s right.

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Hannah continued to follow through on her big “here-for-the-right-reasons” energy when one of the men decided to kill the vibe at episode three’s cocktail-party-turned-tailgate and pull Hannah the second she showed up so he could share a long-winded, convoluted personal story about his struggles in the past however many years of his life. When she learned from some of the other guys that the sob-story was an effort to receive a “pity rose” at the rose ceremony, she confronted the contestant personally, ended the tailgate party, and sent his sorry ass home. 

In short, Hannah’s not here to mess around. Her powerful, go-getter energy and fun spirit bring a new life to The Bachelorette and the first three episodes have been engaging, fluff-less, and refreshing. While the show is known to change people during its course, we can only hope that Hannah Brown stays her bright, quirky self and continues to prove that women really do run their world. 

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Madison Mento is a senior at Hofstra University and is majoring in Public Relations with minors in Spanish and Photography. She is a writer, artist, activist, and avid ginger. She likes her coffee iced, her pizza hot, and anything to do with beauty. She is currently the Co-President of Her Campus Hofstra and loves the organization!