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Things to Be Thankful For at Hofstra

As a college student there are many things to be thankful for during the fall season. For example, having your parents Netflix account information so you can binge watch show instead of studying. Or by some miracle passing all of your midterms that you had to cram for the night before because you spent all week binge watching shows on Netflix. But lets not forget one of the biggest things to be thankful for… Hofstra! So here is a list of 8 things to be thankful for at Hofstra.

Being close to the city but still being able to have a home on campus. 

Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity

All of the horribly delicious late night food at Hof USA. 

The shuttle bus drivers and public safety.

The apple cider during fall that you can get in the library and at Starbucks.

Late Night breakfast in the Student Center.

Dutch treats; If you need something and couldn’t get to the store chances are Dutch Treats has it.

Running into Hofstra cats on campus.

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