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These Jobs at Hofstra Have Great Benefits

While we all relate to the “broke college student” identity, being in school doesn’t mean that our bank accounts must suffer year-round. Scrolling on HandShake for hours can get confusing, and it’s hard to distingush what jobs will add boost your resumé. Have no fear! All of these jobs are listed on your Hofstra Portal and have great benefits to make the most of your experience.


If you want a quiet place to do your homework:   Office Aide Hourly Pay: $8.50


Student aides exist in all of Hofstra’s offices, meaning the position is typically available year-round. This job essentially turns you into a secretary and gives you office experience; most students make copies, transfer phone calls, run errands and other clerical duties. Some departments are busier than others, making this notorious for down time to do your homework or catch up on Netflix (if your boss is that cool). If you’re looking for office experience to add to your resume, head over to any office on campus and ask if they’re hiring!

If you want media/communications experience:   Campus Media Assistant Hourly Pay: $8.50

Several offices on campus hire students to assist in making content for the university. These students get to work first hand in creating professional and fun content for Hofstra, giving them real-world experience in marketing and communications field. Our own co-prezident Madie Mento works as Public Relations Assistant, and made her mark at Hofstra by making the university’s first Tik Tok! Who says work has to be boring?

If you’re trying to make the most money possible:   Undergraduate Tutor  Hourly Pay: $14 (!!!)

This job is notorious for being one of the highest-paying jobs on campus (the closest you can get to New York’s minimum wage) and the easiest to get. If you receive an A in any – yeah that’s right, any- academic course you can then apply to tutor in that specific subject. Working in the Center for Excellence you get to help your peers and gain teaching experience. The nice paycheck is merely an added bonus.

If you want a front row seats to all of Hofstra’s events:   Mascot Hourly Pay: $25 per event

If you want the best seats for all sporting events, fall fest, and performances, being Kate or Willie Hofstra is the job for you! In this job you get to interact with students and families on campus and represent the founders of Hofstra University. There are no set hours for those of you with a busy schedule, plus you remain completely anonymous. (Fun fact: You need to be around 5’6” as Kate and 5’9” for Willie.)

If you want to show your Hofstra pride daily:   Pride Guide (Campus Tour Guide) Hourly Pay: $9.50 

This year I have the honor of getting to show prospective families around Hofstra’s campus, and it’s one of the most rewarding jobs you can have while in college. It’s a great opportunity to share your love for your university, and potentially bring new students to the Pride through your own personal experiences. (Plus it’s a great way to show off your knowledge of your school to your friends and wear a coveted gold name tag.)

College is the first time of financial freedom, and hese are just a few job options of Hofstra’s campus that could provide you with enriching experience as well as a little bit of money. For more information about on-campus jobs, see Handshake on your Hofstra Portal or contact the Office of Student Employment

Laramie is a sophomore studying mass media studies and sociology from Dallas, Texas. She is a true Taurus who loves discussing movies and recommending music. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her brothers of Zeta Phi Eta and sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram: @laramieknox.
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