These Brands Have the BEST Leggings

The two brands that I always think of when I think of leggings are Aerie and Lululemon.I’m going to be completely honest, I’m a bit of a biased reporter when it comes to leggings. I’ve always loved wearing leggings, but I started working at Aerie during the Summer of 2018, and I’ve become obsessed with them and the entire brand ever since.

At this point, everyone knows about the Aerie Real movement and the campaigns that Aerie runs where they feature models of all shapes, colors and sizes. On top of all of that, they don’t photoshop any of the photos that they feature in their campaigns.When you combine a brand that has an honest and sincere social agenda with actual amazing products, you get Aerie. I can’t even pretend that they aren’t my favorite brand for literally everything. It’s kind of a no-brainer, and I feel like everyone needs to be educated on why Aerie leggings are the best both for your wallet and for your body.

But, I’m also trying to be fair, and I will admit that brands like Lululemon do sell some amazing leggings and activewear, so I’m here to educate you on the entire world of leggings as a whole, not just be an Aerie fangirl, which I definitely am in my everyday life with absolutely no shame.​




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The main reason I love Aerie leggings is that they have leggings for every possible occasion you could ever need. They have three lines: Chill, Play and Move.​ The Chill leggings aren’t my absolute favorite, but they still hold up against other leggings that are similar to them. They’re just plain high waist cotton leggings that come in black, grey, red and green that are meant for lounging and the endless comfy days that are soon to come with fall. I’ve bought similar leggings from places like Target and Aeropostale and they’ve fallen apart after just a year of wearing them. I’ve had my Aerie Chill leggings for over three years now and they’re still holding up in color, opacity and fabric quality. They also come in mid-rise and high-rise. Everyone is accounted for.

They also have an everyday line of leggings called Play that is perfect for a day of errands or if you’re going to a yoga or pilates class. These leggings are my favorite. Anyone that knows me knows that I own more of these leggings than is necessary. I have them in every color, pattern and fabrication that they come in. I own at least four pairs of black ones alone. The first time I tried these on, I’m not even kidding, they felt like butter.​They are so soft, so light and so flattering. They’re also at a 7/8 length, so they don’t bunch up around your ankle but are not too short to be considered capri leggings. Even if you don’t buy them, at least try them on. It’ll make you want to own a million pairs. They also have a fleece-lined pair of play leggings that have pockets and are super duper warm. You will definitely be seeing me on campus this Fall and Winter in my play leggings with an oversized hoodie pretty much every day, and no one’s allowed to say anything about it.

Their last line is called Move. These are perfect for activities like running, cycling and any activity that you’ll probably sweat a lot doing. The fabric is moisture-wicking and sturdy enough that you feel held in but not so tight that you can’t breathe. They also come in many colors and are a 7/8 length. They don’t ride up or bag out when you’re working out, and I always feel super confident because they have cute designs or cut-outs on that make me feel good when I work out. These are a super solid legging, they’re around $49.95, but Aerie is always running some sort of sale, so you’ll probably never have to pay as much for a pair of leggings.

I’ve never been able to get myself to spend actual money on Lululemonor Fabletics leggings. The fact that I am whipped into loving Aerie way more than any normal person is definitely a factor. However, I did go try on their leggings to see what the hype is about and, honestly, I totally understand. I always get jealous when I see girls walking around campus in their Lulu leggings. They’re so cute and look so comfy. Plus, they’re also great for working out (or so I’ve heard) so you don’t have to buy a million pairs for different uses. Unless that’s something you want to do. In that case, I relate.

The main thing that I noticed when I first went to Lululemon was the fact that they have different lengths for their leggings, which I am honestly impressed by. I love brands that try to be inclusive for their variety of consumers, so I love the fact that they offered different lengths. I tried on their Align legging in black and, honestly, oh my god. The associate that was helping me told me they were the legging they promote for things like yoga and low-to-medium impact activities, and I totally understand. They’re tight, but they’re so soft and breathable. They feel like butter and they held everything in so I felt super confident as I wore them for the short time I did.

I understand why people buy these leggings but also, I don’t have $98.00 to spend on another pair of leggings right now. However, Christmas is coming soon and I will definitely consider buying them for myself. They’re amazing quality, and I’m even more jealous of everyone that wears them around campus to class and the gym every day.

Honestly, both brands have some amazing options for leggings that probably are worth the money depending on how much you wear them. Everyone knows their favorite. There’s nothing wrong with spending coin on something you love.

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