These 6 Easy Tricks Might Save Your Skin

Skin can be so fickle. One day, it’s completely clear, and the next day it’s not. Sometimes it just feels like nothing you’re doing to clear up your skin is working. You could be using the most expensive, highly-rated products on the market, but if you’re not looking out for little things that can break your skin out, your skin might not ever have that long-awaited clarity you’ve been yearning for. Wondering what we’re talking about? Here are a couple of easy ways you can prevent breakouts without breaking the bank on skincare products (we definitely still recommend having a stable skin care routine, though.)

Photo courtesy of Anna Sastre on Unsplash


1.) Change your pillowcase at least once a week.

Think about all of the things you do and places you go during the day. Even if you wash your face and do an extensive skincare routine before you hit the hay, there is still bacteria on your pillowcase, and you sleep on that thing all night long. That means you’re absorbing bacteria from your pillowcase for about 6-8 hours every night, which is… not good. It’s ultimately unavoidable, but by changing your pillowcase frequently, you’re reducing the number of bacteria that gets on your face while you’re sleeping because there aren’t as much bacteria built up on your pillowcase (the longer your pillowcase is used, the more bacteria collect on it.) 


2.) Wipe down your phone/ laptop.

For most people, having a phone is essential. You need to talk to people during the day, respond to emails, etc., but do you ever stop to think about all of the germs your phone is exposed to on a daily basis? Plainly said, your phone is gross, and putting it anywhere near your face or touching your face after your touch your phone or laptop is *so* bad for your skin. There are special wipes for electronics that you can buy, so if you want to minimize the number of bacteria that are on your phone, we’d recommend getting some. 


3.) Change your makeup sponges/ brushes every so often.

Yes, cleaning your brushes helps reduce the bacteria and grossness that your makeup brushes and sponges can hold. However, there comes a certain point where you just have to throw them out and get new ones. Yes, we know that's painful for your wallet, but we promise it's worth it.  

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4.) Stop. Popping. Your. Pimples.

Popping your pimples can be weirdly satisfying, and it’s definitely nice to not have that huge white dot on your face when you're finished popping it. The reality is, though, that your hands are dirty, and popping your pimples can actually make the area worse, even after you pop it. Instead of popping your pimples, try buying some acne dots to keep yourself from picking at those pesky whiteheads. So, next time you have an overwhelming, voracious desire to pop that pimple, don't. Thanks, but no thanks, Dr. Pimple Popper. 


5.) Protect your skin from sun exposure every day.

You probably are aware that too much sun exposure can cause all kinds of skin problems, but did you know that you really should be using SPF on your skin every day? Even if it’s not hot outside, your skin is still exposed to the sun’s harmful rays, which causes acne and makes your skin tone uneven. Even in the summer when your skin gets darker with prolonged sun exposure, your skin can have the appearance of being clearer; but really, your skin is just redder and your pimples are masked by that redness. There are lots of different daily moisturizers out there that have SPF in them, but our favorite is the Supergoop Superscreen.

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6. Reduce your sugar intake.

You’ve heard before that what you eat affects your skin, which is absolutely true, but have you ever considered how your sugar intake affects your skin? Sugar inflames your skin, which causes breakouts. So, if you’re drinking soda or eating candy every day, try to cut those things out of your diet for a couple days and see how it affects your skin. It’ll especially make a difference if you dramatically reduce your intake over a prolonged period of time. 


Using these small tips and tricks (especially if you follow them consistently!) could make a dramatic difference in your skin texture and tone. They might not seem like they would evoke a dramatic change… but trust us, we’ve seen them work.