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“The Summer I Turned Pretty”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

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Amazon Prime Videos’ new show “The Summer I Turned Pretty” is a must-see. Based on a fictional beach town, we are welcomed into the house of Susannah and her two boys: Jeremiah and Conrad. Entering this home is the long-standing summer tradition where Belly, Steven and Mom Laurel stay in this mystical town of love and summer for two whole months. This is the all-expense included resort featuring many twists and turns.

A summer of tanning, swimming and unknown day-to-day life is something most of us aren’t okay with. Isn’t a schedule one of the best things to live by? Maybe it is for some and not for others.

Now that Isabelle, shortened Belly, has a summer of pure free time, she decides to commit to the famous debutante ball. A classic way for girls now turning 16 years of age to “come out” to the community and be ready for adulthood. Now dating and meeting Mr. Perfect is put into the hands of white dresses, crowns, dances, charity work and prim/proper table manners.

Jeremiah and Belly’s brother are the two men in the middle. Observing every passive-aggressive exchange between Belly and Conrad. How long can this last?

Tension is high in every scene where Belly and her long-time crush, Conrad, reside together. The family friends who have been spending every summer, one bedroom apart, since childhood, both know addressing the romantic aroma surrounding the two kiddos can make or break this bond. Yet, Conrad’s intimate choice to slide away from his normal character is present through and through.

Conrad decides to take his clear love for Belly and apply it to Nicole, his new summer hook-up.

The 7 episode show is heart racing. From the opening scene at home to the mysterious love in the air, can and will Belly fall in love with the right guy? I guess we will have to see as this show keeps us on our toes.

Cheers to “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

Max Coven

Hofstra '23

Max is a senior journalism major looking to break into entertainment news. He loves to discuss trending TikTok dances, social media changes, and award show season. It has always been his dream to report on live tv.