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Taking Care of Dry Hair and Skin

Winter is approaching, and it is natural for many us to experience dry hair and skin. With the low humidity and temperatures, the moisture from our skin and hair dries more quickly. It is important for us, especially if some of us experience dryness when it is not the winter, to take care of our hair and skin.  Follow these tips and advice to help ensure you are always moisturized.

1. Use thermal products on your hair at a minimum.

Curling and straightening irons use heat to do their jobs and overusing them can leave your hair damaged and dry. Although you can use a thermal protector spray, it is best to lower your use of them. Try using them once a week on lower heat settings!

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2. Try using shampoos and conditioners that are designed for dryness that can add extra moisture.

There are tons of different brands of shampoos and conditioners, and I’m sure you can find a moisturizing one in your budget! They will help add moisture to your scalp and hair so your hair looks not only voluminous but shiny too! My favorite brand is Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner!

3.  Try using oils for your scalp and wash your hair every two days.

Washing your hair and using shampoo and conditioner every day will dry out your hair quicker in the winter months. It is best to wash your hair every couple of days, for example, two. If you still find that your scalp is flaky and has dandruff, try using natural oils such as tree tee oil!

4. Use moisturizing face creams and lotion after you shower and before you head out!

The best time to use your body lotions and face moisturizers is right after you shower. The water from your shower will help lock in your moisture when you apply lotion on yourself. Also, you should lotion before you head out, and try mixing your foundation with your face moisturizer to ensure your skin does not dry out quickly.

Photo is courtesy of Pexels

5. Stay hydrated!

Your skin cracks and gets flaky when you do not have enough moisture. It is important for you to supply your body with water as much as possible. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day!

Photo is courtesy of Katii Bishop

These are some tips and advice on taking care of your skin if it gets too dry during the winter. Remember, moisturize and drink plenty of water!


Cover photo is courtesy of Pexels

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