The Summer Bucket List You Need in Your Life

Summer is right around the corner, which means now is the time to get ready for all the fun times you’re about to have! This bucket list is here to give you some ideas on what you can do this summer. Some classics, like going to the beach and having bonfires are included, along with some new ones that aren’t as traditional. So sit back, put your shades on, and get ready for summer 2k18!


Go to the beach

This one is a no-brainer, but I had to include it. The beach is always the first go-to when that nice weather hits. Hit up your friends, grab some towels and sunscreen, and go enjoy the beautiful weather!

Photo Courtesy of Leah Tompkins



Hiking is great because you can exercise without going to the gym while simultaneously spending time with your loved ones. Also, nature is beautiful, so don’t forget to appreciate it this summer!

Photo Courtesy of Katie Pericak



I personally have not checked this off the list yet, but I’ve heard the rush and excitement you get from it is absolutely amazing! For all those people who want to give some risk-taking a try this summer, this one definitely has to be on the list.

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Go to a drive-in movie

Grab some blankets, chairs, and pillows, and head to the drive-in! If you don’t have any drive-ins around you, you can find projectors that connect to your phone to set up outside and have just as much fun!


Board games or card games

This one is for those rainy days that happen sometimes throughout the summer. Playing board games and card games are SO much fun, and they can get pretty intense sometimes. Some recommendations for board games are Clue, Sorry!, and Monopoly. As for card games, Egyptian Rat Screw, Spoons, and B.S. are some great ones.



For those who don’t mind bugs and sleeping on the ground, camping can be a whole lot of fun. For those who would rather not get dirt literally everywhere, glamping is a pleasant alternative.

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S’mores, friends, and the beautiful night sky. What more do you need in life?

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Take a spontaneous trip

On a day when you and some of your friends are all free, go and pick everyone up and just drive somewhere. Maybe you don’t know where you’re heading yet, but you’ll figure it out eventually. Unplanned trips truly do make the best memories.

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And there you have it! This summer bucket list is here to help you start your summer fun. Even if you’re working, remember to make time to spend with your friends and family. Whatever makes you happy this summer, do it. Make some good memories, be safe, and have an amazing summer!