Style Must-Haves for Fall 2018

As the season changes, so do the trends. Last week, we covered the shoes you can’t live without this fall, but the 2018 style covers more than just shoes. The fall 2018 fashions you’ll be falling head over heels for may be in your closet already – or your mother’s. Here are the pieces you’re going to want to get a hold of to stay trendy this season.


From fur to the largest, puffiest jackets, this season is all about bold prints and stylish layering. Teddy jackets and shearling continue to be popular, as well as the puffiest, fluffiest jackets you can find. Statement coats are a major style staple this fall and one-and-done jackets can comprise your entire outfit and keep you warm.


This season, we’re mixing all kinds of print for mismatched yet stylish looks that keep onlooker’s eyes busy. You can pair florals with animal print with all kinds of different textures and with one neutral shade in the mix. You’ll be set for this bold look. Looks include patchwork, quilting and croquet, and textures and shearlings are on every runway this fall.

80’s and Western

A combination of old western style with the party look of the 1980’s creates this classy-yet-rural match made in heaven. Shoulder pads, cowboy books, button-up shirts, leather and sock boots are everywhere this season. Not sure if you’re more country or city mouse? This trend puts the two together so you don’t have to decide.

Animal Print

We thought animal print was out, but some trends never truly die. Animal print is back and better than ever, with emphasis on classic leopard print and snakeskin as well as tiger and zebra print. Anything is game from head to toe and this can be incorporated into any outfit to add something a little wild.


 As previously mentioned in jackets, layering is on trend this season more than ever. The best part of this is that you’re style is not only on-point, but this trend keeps you warm. Who doesn't love trends that make sense for the climate?


Everyone knows that plaid is a fall classic from pumpkin picking to bonfires and everything in between. If you love plaid, you’ll love this trend even more. Any color or style of plaid is fair game, whether it be on your top, bottom, accessories or anywhere else that comes to mind. Bolder plaid, asymmetrical plaid, full-plaid outfits – this is your time to shine with this pattern.


Why be in 2018 when your style could be living in the year 3000? Plastics and holograms are on every runway and leave everything in the past. Sleek, bold styles are sure to be seen all over this fall, with silver, shiny and metallic tones left and right.


No white after labor day? Toss that rule out of the window this season. All-white looks are seen across the fashion board and this look is perfect for chic style. The clean, lean look focuses on minimalism but comes alive in the details. Regularly paired with a scarf adorning the neck, white is not departing with the warm weather.


It may be a new season, but it's never too late to incorporate your old favorites into a whole new look. These fall trends are reduced, reused and recycled, and definitely worth following if you want to be on top of trends.