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The Struggles of Moving Out

If there is one thing that’s more stressful than college move-in day, it’s move out day. Goodbyes are flowing, parents are hovering while trying to offer you their help and you’re stuck trying to figure out how you plan on moving your entire room home in one trip. Here are the struggles we all know and start to dread as move out day approaches:

Trying to squeeze that huge piece of furniture down the narrow corridors of your dorm.


Looking at all of your clothes that will most definitely not fit in your suitcases.

Thinking about all of the flights of stairs you still have to take if you aren’t one of the lucky ones on the first floor.

Trying to convince yourself that you’re not sweating, you’re glowing.

When someone grabs the last luggage cart that you were headed for.

Realizing you saved way too many papers from the past year.

After taking only one load of stuff to your car.

Taking one last look around your empty room.

Saying goodbye to the classes you’ll never have to deal with again.

Saying goodbye to your friends, because three months is too long to be apart.

Sarah Hanlon is a senior at Hofstra University where she is pursuing a major in journalism. She almost always has an iced coffee in her hand, and she's an avid lover of online shopping, reality TV, and New York City. When she’s not researching all things Kate Middleton or reading lifestyle blogs, you can find her binge watching The Bachelor or writing about the latest pop culture, fashion and beauty trends. After college, she hopes to make a career out of her love for TV and style in New York. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram: sarahhanlon_.
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