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Spend or Splurge, Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping on a Budget

I have been writing a lot of budget posts for Her Campus lately, and I know you’re going to be sick of hearing me preach about a few of them, but whether you’re a broke college student or a busy one, not everyone has a wallet full of cash just waiting to be spent. Here are some places you can look as well as some tips for shopping on a budget.


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I know you’re probably sick of me talking about ThredUP, but I promise this is the last time I will for the rest of the year! ThredUP, if you didn’t read my last article, is a really great website that takes “loosely” worn clothes and puts them back up for grabs. I like to refer to it as a thrift store on high-end steroids because you can find some awesome clothes and accessories on this site and I definitely suggest that you check it out!



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TJ Maxx

There are TJ Maxx’s everywhere and they have some pretty good deals! For me, I feel as if they are a little expensive, however, if you really look you CAN find some amazing stuff here. TJ Maxx is not just good for finding clothes though, you can also find discounted makeup here too.



Primark is a Her Campus partner and we had the chance to check out the Staten Island store last fall, and it was amazing! Their products are super affordable and are great quality. You can find flats, boots, sneakers and more here, as well as leather jackets, winter jackets, and jewelry! Their prices range from $1 to $30 and chances are you’ll be able to find a couple things you’re dying to try on.  

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Shop on Black Friday for expensive things like jackets, shoes and other items

If you are in the market for a new purse or jacket, then you should wait for Black Friday – the best day for sales, period. Waiting, especially towards the end of a season, is best because chances are you’ll be able to get that expensive item for over 50 percent off, making it a win for you!


I hope these tips help you and your wallet!

Hannah is currently a junior journalism major and graphic design minor at Hofstra University. She's a small town girl from Vermont who moved to the big city with high hopes and nowhere near enough money. Hannah has a big heart for animals, writing, designing, and Netflix. She is an aspiring journalist who's bucket list includes traveling around the world and working in the magazine industry.
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