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palm trees sunset pink sky fun adventure original
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Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another installment of “Sof’s Selections!” This week has been crazy, personally! I have been trying to apply for a summer job, so I have been incredibly busy (and still unemployed). Luckily, I still found some things I have enjoyed over the past weeks. Let’s get into it!

Fearless (Taylors Version)

I was not a fan of Taylor Swift until “Reputation.” Then, I briefly stopped listening until the surprise drops of “Folklore” and “Evermore.” Now I’ve been HOOKED. I was especially excited for the re-recordings of her earlier albums because I never got to listen to them since I won’t listen to the originals (Scooter Braun, you are mean). The re-recording of “Fearless,” is absolutely flawless. The already released songs were obviously all hits, but even the songs “From The Vault” are at the same high bar. I’ve been blasting this album on repeat, and I highly recommend everyone to do the same.

Candy Crush

OK, so I know that I’m incredibly late to this as well. I never wanted to play “Candy Crush” because my mom was addicted, and I wanted to be “cool,” but I was struggling to fall asleep one night last week and decided to download it. I stayed up all night trying to beat the levels. It’s addicting, and I love a good strategy game. If you think “Candy Crush” is only for middle-aged women, you are WRONG. It’s so much fun.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

This is my absolute favorite show of the “Real Housewives” franchise, and their new season is airing every Wednesday! I adore “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” It is one of my guilty pleasures. The new season is crazy and full of drama. It is honestly one of my favorite seasons yet. I highly recommend it!

Phase 10 

Another game makes this list, but this time, it’s a card game! Phase 10 is basically a mix of UNO and Dominoes. You want to get sets, runs and the same colors in order to move onto each “phase” of the game. It has been a great game to play with the family, and there is also an app so you can play by yourself!

Bullet Point Lists

My newest obsession has been my bullet point journal, which is basically just a journal full of bullet points for your lists! I always love a good list, but this journal has changed the way I make lists. It has been keeping me incredibly organized, and I definitely suggest keeping a bullet point journal or just a list for every day! 

As I said, these past few weeks have been insanely busy, but I always try to find things I enjoy to bring bright spots to my days. Try to find something that brings you joy this week! 

Sofia Staub

Hofstra '24

Sofia Staub is a freshman at Hofstra University. She is studying Public Relations. She loves knitting, dogs and iced coffee.