The Shows that Her Campus Hofstra Can't Get Enough Of

In an era where cable TV doesn't really exist anymore and almost everyone has either Netflix, Hulu, amazon prime, or any other tv streaming network almost every person has a favorite tv show. This is the show that no matter how many times you binge-watch it you will never get sick and tired of it or a new show that you just started that has you up until 3 am. No matter how hard school gets and no matter how much homework you have people will always find time to watch tv. So, here are some shows that Her Campus Hofstra just cannot get enough of!



Name: Micaela Erickson

Favorite TV Show: Killing Eve

Reasons Why: It’s insanely good. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are amazing actresses and the show is impossible to not binge.


Name: Rebecca

Favorite TV Show: Schitt’s Creek

Reasons Why: All of the characters are really funny and throughout the series, you see a lot of character growth. The show is also really inclusive and has great LGBTQ+ representation. But most importantly, Moira is a fashion ICON and her wig collection is legendary.


Name: Paige Strout

Favorite TV Show: Currently it’s a tie between New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Reasons Why: Both are extremely funny and have a fun cast of characters. I’m rewatching New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine has new episodes coming out!


Glitch Man


Name: Kiera Bussiere

Favorite TV Show: New Girl

Reasons Why: New Girl is a show that can always make me laugh even when I've had the worst day. I have yet to meet someone who has watched New Girl and didn't like it. Even though it's over now, all seven seasons are on Netflix so I highly recommend watching if you haven't already. I guarantee it'll make you laugh!


Name: Mika Mantha

Favorite TV Show: Stranger Things

Reasons Why: It’s soo anticipating, and I am literally obsessed with every season!


Name: Megan Naftali

Favorite TV Show: The Nanny

Reasons Why: It is hilarious!


Name: Katie Pericak

Favorite TV Show: Sex Education

Reasons Why: The acting is amazing and the show has honestly taught me more than I ever learned in middle or high school.


Name: Dani Ruiz

Favorite TV Show: Sex Education

Reasons Why: All of the characters are complex and don't fit into stereotypes, the show handles with some taboo topics in a sensitive matter, and it explores a larger part of the sexuality spectrum than any other show I've seen


Name: Arianna Liebowitz 

Favorite TV Show: This Is Us

Reasons Why: This show constantly has me guessing what is happening next! Every episode I am crying happy tears and if you love a good coming of age story that shows the real struggles of growing up and surviving through a countless number of different struggles this is the show for you!


Boom! Now you will never have to ask yourself the question, "What show should I watch now since I just finished one?" We got you here at Her Campus Hofstra!

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