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The Secret to Taking Care of Oily Hair and Skin

Although winter is approaching and it's common for many of us to experience dryness, some of us still struggle with oily hair and skin. Those of us with this problem produce a little bit more oil than others. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed, worrying about blotting your face throughout the day or wearing a hat to cover up greasy hair. Hopefully this list of tips that can help combat your oily hair and skin.

1. Create a routine for washing your hair. 

You don’t want to over or under wash your hair. The goal is to control the number of natural oils your body creates, not completely get rid of them. There are specific shampoos and conditioners designed for oily hair that will help tremendously. It is best to use these to wash your hair every couple of days. It can seem a bit risky, but you can even experiment with going up to two days without washing.

2. Use conditioner only at the ends of your hair. 

Conditioners help to add moisture to your hair so you might want to limit the amount you use or just run it through the ends of your hair.

3. Comb and brush your hair from root to bottom. 

Since your scalp produces the oils, it’s best to use a comb or brush to distribute the natural oils evenly throughout your hair.


4. Using dry shampoos and oil absorbing powder. 

These products are helpful for fixing oily hair and controlling your oil production temporarily, however it is always best to wash your hair completely. 

5. Exfoliate once a week. 

You don’t want to scrub your face too much but just enough is good for an oily complexion. Try exfoliating or use a face mask once or twice a week at first.


6. Use moisturizers and primers. 

Your oily face still needs to be moisturized, just like your hair. It’s best to use it after you wash your face in the morning to keep your skin from drying out and over-producing oils later on. Also, try using primers designed for oily skin before you apply your makeup to make it stay.

7. Carry blotting sheets with you.

Blotting sheets are small and compact making them easy to fit into your bag. If you ever feel a little oily just grab a sheet and blot away!

8. Watch what you eat.

You want to be careful of what you are putting into your body. Foods that are high in sodium, sugar, and oil can cause your skin to break out more. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water to help your complexion. 

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