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A Scientific Ranking of the Best Lip Balm Brands

In terms of makeup, sometimes getting inexpensive products works depending on what you’re getting. Take lip balms for example. Some people may think getting a lip balm at Target or Walgreens will satisfy their needs. When it comes to lip balms, much like any other makeup product, there are some amazing brands that are good for you health wise and beauty wise.

Burt’s Bees
Burt's Bees

This lip balm brand specializes in having all their lip products contain beeswax. Due to this, it makes their lip balms have a really moisturizing effect that lasts a while. Burt’s Bees has 100% natural ingredients as well as being free of other toxic chemicals, which are typically found in other lip balms. Not to mention, their brand doesn’t test on animals and uses recyclable packaging.

Body Shop

This lip balm brand not offers amazing lip balms but have a wide history of how they came to be. “The Body Shop is rooted in activism…Anita teamed up with Greenpeace on the Save the Whale campaign to fight the cruel practice of whaling, promoting jojoba oil as a substitute for sperm whale oil, which was used widely in cosmetics at the time.” 

The Body Shop offers lip butter in addition to their lip balm. Their lip butter leaves a shine without any residue of color. Not to mention, parts of their ingredients are organic in addition to natural ingredients that haven’t been modified. Their lip balms contain community-traded beeswax and have a lasting fruity fragrance.


Eos is most famous for their round lip balms. Being natural and organic, eos also offers “true flavors [that] meet super lip hydration.” They have lip balms, which have tinted colors as well as SPF.

If you’re not interested in their iconic sphere shaped lip care product, they also offer a two pack of regular sized lip balms. Each lip care product is a different pastel color, which indicates which scent is which. The pastel color scheme screams spring.

Eco Lips

They have a vegan collection, which highlights Brazilian oils infused into the lip product. Instead of having flavors, the Vegan Eco Lips collection titles each lip balm a certain characteristic like brave and bold. Their other vegan collection doesn’t have beeswax, which is why it’s titled “Bee Free.” Their other collections include “Lip Food,” infused with coconut oil and jojoba oil, and their “Pure and Simple” line, which includes simple flavors as well as an edible formula. 

In addition to them being 100% natural and organic, they are also 100% plastic free. So not only is Eco Lips good for you but it’s also good for the environment!


L’Occitane is based in Manosque, France. This could be why it’s more on the expensive side, but it is a great gift idea to ask for. While they have lip balms, this brand is probably most famous for their hand care products.

Despite this, they have a shea butter lip balm, which is organic certified and fair trade approved. Given it contains shea butter, it leaves a really smooth feeling on your lips. L’Occitane also has some colored lip balms if you’re looking for a lip balm with some color to it.

While most of these lip balm brands have natural ingredients, they are all great brands to confide in when it comes to lip balms. When making you’re decision of which brand to use, just think of what aspects of a lip care product are most important for you!

Sabrina Blandon is an English Children's and Young Adult Literature major with a minor in journalism. In addition to Her Campus, she is a staff writer for the Chronicle, the student-run newspaper at Hofstra. She's also secretary of the Hofstra English Society. She's consumes books like they're oxygen and annotates fairly well.
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