Review of Taylor Swift's New Album "Reputation"

In case you missed it, the queen has returned. Taylor Swift's latest album Reputation dropped Thursday at midnight (November 10) leaving Swifties in awe of her newest tunes. If you're a big fan of Taylor Swift like me, then you know how hard it has been to wait three years for another album. The album showcases a darker side of Swift and fans are... ready for it. With 15 brand new songs, this album is sure to slay the charts. I love all of the songs and I'm so happy Taylor Swift has made more music!

1. … Ready For It

The album opens with a bang. The song is upbeat an can definitely get you pumped up. If you were hoping for old Taylor, you aren't going to get it with this number. Taylor comes out fierce and it showcases her new style of music.

Memorable Lyric: Wondered how many girls he had loved and left haunted


2. End Game (Featuring Ed Sheeran and Future)


Reputation by @taylorswift out now. Proud to be a part of this one, check it out x

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Is anyone else freaking out that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have another song together? I know I am! This musical best friend duo is honestly goals and it's clear in the song. This song is sweet but also brings in a strong beat. She also mentions "I want to be your A-Team," giving us major throwback vibes to one of Ed's earlier songs. Swift and Sheeran singing an edgy love song with an awesome rap verse from Future? Count me in!

Memorable Lyric: Ah and you heard about me ooh I got some big enemies


3. I Did Something Bad

This track is definitely something new. The lyrics are super dark and edgy, and Taylor Swift has no regrets. The chorus is a bop and it's super easy to dance to. This one is fun without being super basic. It also might make you want to live on the edge for a while. I wish she would have released this as a single because I already see myself playing it on repeat.

Memorable Lyric: I never trust a narcissist, but they love me


4. Don’t Blame Me

WHOA. The next song is so powerful and I'm so here for it. It starts out slow but picks up in the second chorus. The vibes coming off of this one are dark and twisty, but sensual as well. It seems to really show another side of Taylor Swift that she hasn't shown to the public before. 

Memorable Lyric: I been breaking hearts a long time and toying with them older guys


5. Delicate

I strongly relate to some of these lyrics especially since they're talking about starting new relationships. This song is not as upbeat as others on the album, but the slowness of it really helps its appeal. This is also the second song where she uses reputation as a prominent lyric. I can see myself listening to this while I'm trying to study because it has a calming aspect.

Memorable Lyric: My reputation's never been worse so you must like me for me


6. Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor Swift teased us all in August when she released this song. It was our first look at the album, and it was clear Taylor Swift was back and better than ever. I was shocked when I heard all the lyrics because it was a major contrast to the songs on 1989. It seemed that Taylor was throwing a ton of shade, and ready for a fight.

Memorable Lyric: The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh. Cause she's dead


7. So It Goes

This song also starts out slower. The lyrics imply that the song is more sexual and that Taylor is ready to leave her old self far behind her. I enjoy the lyrics and the idea of the song, but I don't think it'll end up being one of my favorites. 

Memorable Lyric: You know I'm not a bad girl but I do bad things with you


8. Gorgeous

This is honestly one of my favorite songs on the album. It's so fun and upbeat, and super relatable to people that want things they can't have. It was one of the singles she let out early. It starts out with an 80's-like vibe and has a good beat throughout the whole thing. It's almost as if the old Taylor resurfaced for a bit. This track is easy to sing along to, and I'm ready to have it on repeat. 

Memorable Lyric: You make me so happy it turns back to sad, there's nothing I hate more than what I can't have


9. Getaway Car

This track really goes back to 1989. It sounds softer and lighter than the other songs, but the lyrics still have a strong impact. I really like this song because it just feels comfortable. I get a mix of Out of the Woods, Wildest Dreams, and Wonderland from the beat and feel of the song. This song will definitely get to the top of the charts.

Memorable Lyric: Think about the place where you first met me riding in a getaway car


10. King Of My Heart

Ah, what a refreshing song! Taylor sounds so happy here and it's nice to know that the whole album isn't dark and sassy. There's also a part in the middle where the tempo really speeds up, and it's exciting because Taylor also speeds up her voice.

Memorable Lyric: Salute to me, I'm your American queen


11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Oh my goodness, the beat of this song is perfect. It literally makes me want to get up and dance. It gives off a late 90's pop grunge feel, allowing us to see even more of Taylor's musical style. I feel like this song has also shown how much Taylor has grown throughout her career.

Memorable Lyric: I could've spent forever with your hands in my pockets, picture of your face in an invisible locket


12. Dress

This is definitely the sexiest song on the album, and it is SO good. I want to play it all the time because even though it's sexy it shows how well another person can know you. It is just fast enough to jam to, but also has some calming vibes. 

Memorable Lyric: And if I get burned, at least we were electrified


13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

This is a party song, and I want to blast it all the time. There's also a part where she goes "I can't even say it with a straight face," where she is just laughing, and it's great. She is clearly throwing a lot of shade, but it's absolutely a jam. I love this song already.

Memorable Lyric: Here's a toast to my real friends, they don't care about the he said she said


14. Call It What You Want

Call It What You Want. Midnight Eastern.

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This was the last single she released in anticipation for the whole album. This song slightly goes into some sassier lyrics, and has more of that fierce attitude. It just shows that Taylor is in charge. It also seems that these lyrics offer insight into a serious relationship. 

Memorable Lyric: I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck, chain round my neck not because he owns me, but cause he really knows me


15. New Year’s Day

This is such a good way to end the album. The song is beautiful and has the perfect feeling of closure, and it's a really sweet song about new beginnings and friendships. It's so simple, the lyrics are meaningful, she's just playing piano, and it's almost as if she'd like to be her old self again. 

Memorable Lyric: Please don't ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere

Overall, I love this entire album. I think Taylor Swift has grown so much as an artist and it's always so exciting to see what she will do next. This album slayed all of my expectations, and I'll always consider myself to be a Swiftie. The album will be available on streaming services a week after the release date, but some of the songs are already available on Youtube! Go check it out, because let's face it everyone, the queen has officially made her return.