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The Reality of Graduation Told by Gifs

About four years ago, you were worried about how you were going to adjust to college, how you were going to handle all the responsibility and whether or not you were going to find your group of friends right away. You might have been too shy or maybe still a little awkward. Or you might have been really outgoing and confident that you will have the greatest time in college. Today, you find yourself looking forward to graduation and leaving the place you once were excited and scared about at the same time. Here are a few things to relate to when you realize you will no longer be an undergraduate.  

It’s the last day of classes and you realize it’s not just the last day. It’s the last day of undergrad. Ever.

All your friends talk about their summer plans and how they’ll promise to keep in touch. No. Matter. What.


Friends younger than you begin freaking over their upcoming senior year and you’re there saying, “It will fly by.” But really, why are you even worrying right now?


You wonder who is even in charge of sending the reminder e-mails for cap and gown pick-ups. Or anything related to graduation events.


Everyone asks you if you plan on getting a job after graduating.


Your friends start getting emotional and talk about marriage and kids. Who even are you guys anymore?


Some of them argue who would make the greatest Godmother of your unborn children.


Day of commencement. You can’t wait for the speeches to end.


Seriously, they say the same things every year anyway.


You can’t even find your own family.


It’s finally over and you think, maybe you still don’t know what you’re doing.


But you’re still excited and wonder why you’re even doubting yourself. It took so long and so much commitment to get here.

You deserve this moment.


Areeba Khan

Hofstra '18

Areeba earned her Master of Health Administration from Hofstra University with distinction after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Hofstra. She currently works at Northwell Health Labs as a Project Coordinator for Business Development and Marketing. When she's not reading or writing, Areeba is usually trying out a new restaurant or dessert spot with her friends.
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