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RaShaan Perkins ’16

Age : 20 years old

Birthday : January 1st

Hometown: Chester, PA

Major: Mass Media

Class Standing:  Sophomore

Favorite food: Seafood, especially Crab

Hobbies: I enjoy entertaining, acting, and modeling.  I also enjoy making music, performing, exploring and traveling with friends, fashion.  I’m also part of an organization called Banks Bros, and we throw concerts, shows, parties and benefits.

Campus Involvement: member of 6th Element Hip Hop themed club, participate in and hosts various events on campus.

Attracted too: I love beautiful, fashionable women.  I’m very attracted to women that are driven towards a goal.  It doesn’t have to be something.  I like girls that can find their own light and their own minds, always consecutively moving.  She has to know how to be diverse in various situations and know how to act, outgoing and can hold her own.  Independent doesn’t need someone.   

Best Physical Feature: I would say my jaw line is my best physical feature because a lot of people compliment me on it.  People say its robust and it stands out.  I have high cheek bones as well, and usually people have one or the other.

Best Quality: My positivity to other people would be my best quality.  I bring a lot of positive energy because I like for people to have a good time.  I just have a positive aura and as a result I guess people like to be around me.

Ideal Perfect Date: On my ideal perfect date, we have to be doing something adventurous.  Not like dinner and a movie.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive date but be active and fun and care-free.  As long as there is a good vibe and we are having fun, everything is cool with me. I hate when a girl is on her phone the whole time and can’t look me in the eyes.  And I like when a girl doesn’t reveal everything on the first date.  Be a little reserved to keep me interested.

Can’t Live Without: My music because that’s the only thing that keeps me sane.  No matter how I’m feeling or whatever mood I’m in, I have music.  I love a lot of different genres and styles.  Without music, there is no me.

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