QUIZ: We Know Your Perfect Netflix Boyfriend

It's no secret that there are hundreds of amazing shows and movies to watch on Netflix. It's also no secret that many of these shows have leading men that we wouldn't mind dating IRL. (We all need a Jim Halpert, right?)

Whether you're single AF or in a committed relationship, you know you've wondered who your perfect Netflix BF is. Luckily for you, we have the answer! Take our quiz and you'll find your soulmate in no time. 



1. What feature do you notice first in an S.O.?

     a. Personality, 100%.

     b. Pretty eyes.

     c. The hair, always.

     d. Fashion sense.

2. Your idea of a perfect date has to include:

     a. Something that lets you be creative.

     b. Something active or outdoorsy.

     c. Watching classic must-see movies.

     d. Exploring a new city.

3. When you go out to eat, what do you typically order?

     a. Burgers.

     b. Anything you and your BF can share.

     c. Milkshakes.

     d. The most expensive thing on the menu.

4. Where will you go on your honeymoon?

     a. Somewhere rainy and cozy like Seattle.

     b. The most exotic place possible!

     c. A fancy ski lodge.  

     d. Somewhere romantic like France.

5. How did you and your BF meet?

     a. In a coffee shop.

     b. While we were both traveling.

     c. I’ve known him since middle school.

     d. We had mutual friends.

6. What about him makes him so irresistible?

     a. His passion.

     b. His loyalty.

     c. His charm.

     d. His money. (We won’t judge!)

7. What was he like in high school?         

     a. He was kind of an outsider (but he liked it that way).

     b. He had lots of friends and was really social with everyone.

     c. He was a jock.

     d. He was in the popular crowd.

8. What’s his dream job?

     a. A reporter.

     b. He just wants to help people.

     c. An athlete.

     d. A politician.

9. What’s the cutest thing he does for you?

     a. He always shows you little romantic gestures.

     b. He’d do anything to protect you.

     c. He writes you cute love notes.

     d. He spends a lot of money on you.

10. It’s Friday night. What are you doing?

     a. Getting hamburgers and milkshakes at the local diner.

     b. Going out with your friends.

     c. Popcorn and movies!

     d. Going to a fancy event together.


Now let’s find out who you're dating! If you chose mostly:

A’s: Jughead Jones, Riverdale


You love a mysterious mans, and that’s why Jughead Jones is your match made in heaven. From the broody eyes, quick wit and secretive past, Jughead is hard to figure out but that’s what makes him so darn attractive. His intelligence and passion draw you in and together you could probably outsmart the CIA, tbh. You love using your creativity to solve a mystery, so you’d both probably thrive at a Murder Mystery Dinner Party.

B’s: T’Challa, Black Panther


Um, HELLO CHADWICK BOSEMAN. Congrats, you’re dating the Black Panther. Not only is he protective AF over you, you’ll both never say “No” to an adventure no matter how big or intimidating it is. Your idea of a perfect date probably involves a lot of physical activity which you both love. Plus, look at the size of his biceps – they’re basically bigger than your head. Lucky gal!

C’s: Peter Kavinsky, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before


He may be dubbed the collective boyfriend of the Internet, but now you can call him yours and yours only – you’re dating Peter Kavinsky! From back pocket spins to hot tub dates, you’re a sucker for some charm, so obviously you’re dating the most charming guy out there. Not only does your BF literally worship the ground you walk on, he’s willing to do anything for you. Just don’t give him your scrunchie to hold on to, okay?

D’s: Nate Archibald, Gossip Girl


Hey Upper East Siders, listen up: Nate Archibald’s been spotted with a new girl and it’s not Serena van der Woodsen. Who is this mystery girl, you ask? That’s something I’ll never tell – but you should know she’s got the best fashion sense (just like her man) and she’s on her way to becoming the new Queen Bee of New York City. You’ll probably see them at the hottest, most exclusive spots in the city or on luxurious trips to his family’s house in France. Sigh, don’t we all wish we had a Nate in our lives? XOXO, GG.