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Quick Hairstyles for When You’re Running Late

When you’re a college student juggling school, internships, clubs and a social life, it becomes second nature to press the snooze button on your alarm three (or maybe four) times. Even though catching some extra Z’s feels good in the moment, the result of having less time to tame your bed head could bring on regret.

Feeling stressed already? Don’t worry! With these five quick and easy hairstyles, you can look cute for class despite the time constraint.


1. Top Knot

Not only is this look a 2016 fashion-forward trend, it’s simple to create and looks great on all different types of hair. Simply start by teasing pieces of your hair to provide extra volume. Next, separate the top section of your hair, gathering it in your hand. The last step is to take the hair that you have and shape it into a bun– tightly securing it with a hair tie.

Feel free to adjust this look by changing it to a half-up, half-down knot.  


2. Side Braid

What’s best about this style is it never gets old. Braids are easy to do and add a little bit of fun to even the simplest of looks. All you’ll need to do is separate your hair into three sections. From there, weave each section of hair in between the other. Choose which side you’d like your braid to be on, tug loosely to create an effortless look and then secure with a hair tie.


3. Twisted Ponytail

Although ponytails are a classic look, that doesn’t mean you can’t spice them up even when you’re pressed for time. Take the front pieces of your hair and twist them up into your ponytail. For a finishing touch, keep one strand of hair out and wrap it around your hair tie.

Your classmates will never believe that this sophisticated pony took you less than five minutes!


4. Messy Top Bun

At Her Campus Hofstra we like to consider the messy top bun the (just as cute) cousin of the top knot. All you’ll need to do to complete this look is comb your hair back and hold it up high as if you were about to make a ponytail. In this position, take the hair in your hand and twirl it around on the top of your head two or three times until it is in the shape of a bun.

Once you take a hair tie and place it around the bun, loosen it up a bit and leave a couple of strands hanging down loosely to create that messy yet put together look.  


5. Pinned Back Braids

The last quick hairstyle that’ll still have you looking fabulous requires four bobby pins and hairspray. Take what you’ve learned from the side braid look and apply it now. Create two braids on both sides of your hair’s natural part and swoop them to the back of your head. Cross one of the braids over the other and secure them with two pins on each side.

For a more voluminous look, tease the hair underneath the braids and set it with hairspray to hold everything together.


Happy snoozing! 

Hello beauties. My name is Katie and I am a Journalism major at Hofstra University. I love to express myself in a way that allows others to get to know a little bit more about me! Sharing my creativity and new ideas with the world is something that I hope to pursue each and every day. After all, what is life without expression, creation, and imagination? I love discussing beauty-related topics such as makeup, skin care, and hair, as well as showing you guys how to complete fun and easy DIY projects! So, if I'm not cuddled up with my dog, exploring the City, or munching on some chocolate macarons, you can definitely find me here, writing my heart away. 
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